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When zooming in on a video object on Camtasia, viewers will focus more on that content.

I just had the same need. I wanted to zoom in on an increasing counter in a callout window. I wanted the zoomed in 'callout' to be perfectly synchronized with the actual video that was running. I clipped the video I wanted zoomed in and put it in exactly the same location on an additional track above. Then, I copied the clip to a new project. Zoom has the ability to record your class, however, we only have 175GB of storage from Zoom for the entire college. Another way to record your sessions is to use Camtasia Screen Capture software, which we can provide for instructional uses to you for free. With Camtasia, you can record your screen and save it - then upload your content into Canvas.

Camtasia offers users a variety of tools, video editing features, create completely new videos from the video capture screen on Camtasia, or existing videos. With a rich set of video content editing tools, you can easily customize video like highlighting an object.

To highlight an object we can use video animations, or enlarge content when it comes to the slideshow. This also helps viewers focus on the subject being shown on the video. The following article will guide you how to enlarge the object on video with Camtasia.

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Instructions to enlarge video objects on Camtasia

Step 1:

First you need to import the video you want to edit into Camtasia, then put the video in the Timeline bar to proceed with the editing.

Step 2:

We then click on the Zoom and pan tool available in Camtasia to zoom in on the object in need.

Step 3:

Next, the user drags the time bar to the position where he wants to enlarge the object.

Look up the above interface area and select the Maintain aspect ratio to keep the current aspect ratio , to avoid changing the frame.

Step 4:

To enlarge the object in the video we will have 2 ways to do it. You can use the Zoom and pan frame around the video with round dots, then shrink to the object you want to enlarge as shown below.

The object results will be enlarged when the slideshow arrives. The matte frame is the original video frame and the frame with the round dots is the new video frame that has been enlarged.

Or right in the video display frame, the user clicks on any dot displayed on the frame and pulls out to enlarge the object. Users should choose a video display rate of 25% for ease of implementation.

We can also move this zoom frame to another location if desired. Put the mouse pointer on the video frame to display a 4-way arrow, then press and hold the left mouse button to drag the frame to a new position.

Step 5:

If we want this magnification effect to extend the time, at the Timeline bar below, extend the arrow to increase the duration, the longer the pull, the longer the time increases.

Step 6:

Zoom In Camtasia

To bring the video back to its original state , users just need to click on the video in the Timeline bar and then press Delete to delete the zom icon.

Zoom In Camtasia 9

Or click the Scale media to fit entire canvas icon to bring the video back to the old frame size.

Zoom in camtasia 2020

So you know how to enlarge any object in the video on Camtasia. When the set time is reached, the object in the video will automatically be enlarged so that the viewer can see more clearly than other objects.

I wish you all success!


As I was watching the pre-launch videos for a recent video product launch, I noticed an interesting little kind of “zoom” effect. Sort of a really quick double-pump deal…

It’s nice, subtle, and wicked simple to use to add a small “pattern interrupt” to your video projects:

This little trick and be used not only for camera video but also try it with some screen capture or PowerPoint slide video!

A nifty technique and tool to have in your bag-o-tricks!

Zoom in camtasiaZoom

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