White Burgundy Map

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  1. White Burgundy Wine Map
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This map allows you to have a rare glimpse into the complex ownership of the most expensive of all white Burgundies, all the while showing the average ages of different sections thanks to color coding. This is information that only an insider can share - and that is what Jean Claude Wallerand has done. Mar 09, 2015 Getting Started with White Burgundy. Broadly, white Burgundy can be found in four production areas within Burgundy. Each area has a different terroirs and characteristics and thus, different flavor profiles: Bourgogne Blanc: unoaked simple wines with mineral and apple notes. Expect to spend $15–$20 for a tasty bottle of everyday Bourgogne Blanc.

White Burgundy Wine Map

Vineyard Profiles and Maps Understanding Burgundy is all about terroir in my view! The location of the vineyard, the location of the producer’s plots on the vineyard it’s what defines a wine – and this is why Burgundy is both very complex and even more fascinating. Burgundy wine, any of numerous wines of the region of Burgundy in east-central France. Burgundy is a region of varied wines rather than of a type. Its white wines are usually dry, while its reds are velvety and full-bodied. Learn more about the districts where Burgundy wine is produced.

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Map Of Burgundy Wine Area

Map of burgundy wine areaWhite Burgundy Map

Red wine : A wine grown in so many different villages obviously has a host of different ways of seducing the senses, yet these wines nevertheless share many common traits.
To the eye, they are richly coloured - crimson at first then, with age, shading towards dark ruby. To the nose they offer at first a basket of small red and black fruits (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, bilberry) later evolving into cooked prune, peppery notes, and notes of animal, underbrush, moss and mushroom. They are lively and structured in the mouth with a well-rounded and supple backbone. Tannins and fruit go hand in hand and the chewiness matches the power of the secondary aromas. This wine has volume and flesh- it is, in a word, vinous.

White Burgundy Map

White wine : Light golden colour, limpid and crystalline, often with greenish highlights.
In the Yonne, Bourgogne blanc often develops aromas of gunflint or field mushroom. In the Côte-d’Or it is hazelnut with a hint of honey, butter, bracken, spices and sugared chestnuts. In the Saône-et-Loire notes of white flowers (hawthorn, acacia) and flint abound. On the palate it is aromatic, delicate but not over-light, full without being heavy, unctuous and firm, dry and caressing, well-rounded and quite deep, not overly structured yet persistent.