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Learn Ruby The Hard Way, 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of Learn Ruby The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw.

Learn Python 2 The Hard Way

Nerd Fonts is a project that patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons). Specifically to add a high number of extra glyphs from popular 'iconic fonts' such as Font Awesome, Devicons, Octicons, and others.

  • The python language support in SpaceVim is provided by lang#python layer, and it is not enabled by default. You need to enable it in SpaceVim configuration file. Press SPC f v d to open the SpaceVim configuration file, and add following snippet to your configuration file. layers name = 'lang#python'.
  • For generic use (run python/haskell/ruby/C. From vim based on the filetype), there's a nice plugin called vim-quickrun. It supports many programming languages by default. It is easily configurable, too, so one can define preferred behaviours for any filetype if needed.
  • Vim-plug is a minimalist open source Vim plugin manager that's easy to set up and easy to use. It's got a concise, intuitive syntax and a single file, no need for boilerplate code. Vim-plug is able to do a number of things.Firstly, it can perform parallel installation/update (with any of +job, +python, +python3, +ruby, or Neovim) extremely fast.It can create shallow clones to consume the least.
  • How to Set Up VIM Editor for Python Programming VIM is a customizable programmable text editor. You can do anything you want with VIM if you know how VIM works and how to write VIM plugins. This is out of the scope of this article.

This is only a purchase of the older Python 2 of the book, the older, 3rd edition.

Vim Python2

Learn C The Hard Way

Vim PythonPython

Vim Python Editor Download

Learn C The Hard Way teaches you the basics of important computer science topics while also teaching you how to write better code using the C language as your proving ground.

Learn SQL The Hard Way

An introductory course for the SQL data management language suitable for people who know nothing about SQL.

LCLive: Vim School

This is a 10 part series of seminars that teach the basics of Vim. It starts with a fast crash course in the most basic editing commands, a bit of Vim's history, and moves through increasingly more advanced techniques until it shows you how to be a productive programmer with Vim. There will be about 10-12 hours of videos, with the Seminars being recorded live in the Learn Code Live class. There will be one video a week plus notes and vim configuration files posted for each week. You can sign up now and receive each seminar a few days after it's recorded.

Vim Python Debugger

Vim PythonVim python plug-ins

Learn Python 3 The Hard Way

Updated Learn Python The Hard Way for Python 3. This course is now fully released with 12 hours 1080p video, PDF, and live HTML formats.

Learn MORE Python The Hard Way, Pre-Order

Learn MORE Python The Hard Way is the next level in my Python series where you learn to use Python 3 to complete 52 projects while practicing many key skills every Junior Developer needs. This is a Pre-Order, which is offered at a lower price while it's being developed.