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Posted On: Jul 31, 2018

VideoVideo conferencing aws certification
  • Nextiva offers Amazon Chime video conferencing and screen sharing as part of its suite of connected communications solutions, allowing businesses to stay connected while working from anywhere.
  • Effective video conferencing solutions should be easy to use, easy to control, and attendees should be able to join video conferences from anywhere. Amazon Chime is a modern, fully-managed communications service from AWS that delivers frustration-free video conferencing.

Zoom Video Conferencing Aws

To join Amazon Chime meetings with video and audio from an in-room system, you enter a meeting ID or a set of numbers. Your meeting invitation contains the ID or numbers. What you enter depends on the protocol that the in-room system uses— SIP or H.323 —and the meeting invitation specifies the protocol.

Video Conferencing Aws

Amazon Chime Basic

Starting today, the Amazon Chime web application supports video conferencing in the Google Chrome browser. When meeting in person isn’t possible, the high-quality audio and video available in Chime meetings optimizes communication and engagement with your meeting attendees. With this update, attendees can join your meetings using their browser and access the same high-quality video available in Chime’s downloadable clients. Additionally, because the web application is available across platforms, video conferencing is now available for your contacts on Linux and ChromeOS.

As a meeting attendee, you can start or stop your own video using in-application controls. You can also view up to to 16 video tiles in your Chime meeting window for participants sharing their video. Video tile layout is optimized depending on the number of tiles, the size of your window, and the presence of shared content. To learn more about the Amazon Chime web application, please visit the Amazon Chime Documentation page.

Video Conferencing Aws

Video Conferencing Aws Certification

Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, communications service that simplifies video conferencing, online meetings, calls, and chat. With Chime, there are no upfront payments, and there is no infrastructure to deploy. You can try Chime for free for 30 days just by getting started. For more information on our trial, visit the Amazon Chime trial page.