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Jim’s Ukulele Songbook (gCEA Tuning) Please note that this is a format update to the book dated March 5 th 2017. There are some small corrections but no new songs. Most of the page numbers are the same – some numbering issues towards the end of the songs starting with Y. UKULELE CLUB SONGBOOK Information: LRA Website - Chart of (Basic) Chords Major Chords 7TH Chords Minor Chords. LRA UKULELE CLUB SONGBOOK Table. Ukulele Collection - Songbook There are many different reasons to pick up a ukulele, all of them good: to play along with your singing, to play other with someone else’s singing, to develop intricate fingerstyle arrangements of classics of to find a way to make your guitar playing richer by learning how to play another instrument. These songbooks come to you from respected music publishing companies like Hal Leonard, Alfred and Berklee Press, and many of them are even accompanied with play-along CDs. Any one of these ukulele sheet music songbooks would make an exceptional addition to your collection.

The Ukulele Way - James Hill. Ukulele Mike Lynch. Music Note Flash Cards. The Advancing Guitarist. Understanding Ukulele Chords. Ukulele Chord Shapes. Fretboard Learning Tool (Tenor) Fretboard Learning Tool (Baritone) Circle of Fifths. Ear Training and Jazz.

Here you will find the lyrics and chords for ukulele songs from your favorite artists. These sheets focus on the words, chords, and basic song structure. You can download each as a PDF file or view the songs in your browser.

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Below you will find songs spanning several genres. Many popular songs are already available elsewhere on the web so I try to focus on songs that really benefit from an ukulele-specific sheet.

They are marked by level for easier navigation.

3-6 medium chords

Without further ado, here are the songs:

Rock/Pop/Mainstream Ukulele Songs:

Here are five of my favorite rock songs to play on the ukulele.

Black Magic Woman


Down On The Corner

Creedence Clearwater Revival


Foo Fighters

Here Comes the Sun

The Beatles

Island In The Sun



Hank Williams

The Lazy Song

Bruno Mars


Nat King Cole/Julia Nunes


Jimmy Buffett

Octopus’s Garden

The Beatles


Vance Joy


Still haven’t Found What I’m looking For



Flo Rida

Reggae Ukulele Songs:

Easy Skanking

Bob Marley

One Day




Jawaiian Ukulele Songs:

Cool Down

Kolohe Kai



Honey Baby

3 Plus

This is the Life

Ukulele Songbook With Tabs

Kolohe Kai

Contemporary Hawaiian Ukulele Songs:

Cane Fire

Peter Moon Band/Koa’uka

Follow Me

Guitar Songbook With Tabs

Manoa DNA

Ukulele songbooks with tabs

Kiss You in the Morning


Free Tabs For Ukulele

Traditional Ukulele Songs:

Amazing Grace


Hawaiian Ukulele Songs:


E Huli Makou

David Chung

Haleakala Hula

Alice Namakelua


Sam Li’a

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai

Edith Kanaka’ole/Hapa


Rev. Dennis Kamakahi


Irmgard Farden

How to Find More Ukulele Songs

There are so many mainstream songs out there that it would be impossible to put a dent in posting all of them here, so I’ll recommend a couple good places to find chords to your favorite tunes (the chords for guitar are the same as for ukulele).

Google is also your friend for finding ANYTHING ukulele-related. Try a search like: “[song name] chords”. Add the band name if you results are muddy: [song name] by [band name] chords. You don’t need to include “ukulele” because, like I said above, uke chords are the same as guitar chords.

More Resources

Confused with the chords for an ukulele song? You can always check out my making songs easier page. It has some great tips for stripping down a complicated some into something more manageable.

There are also ukulele chord charts at your disposal.

6ths Sense Video Course

Double-Stop 6th Harmonies for Ukulele

An intermediate-level video course about diversifying your lead playing.

We play a wide range of music, most styles and genres, but we’re always looking to add to it.

We use the songbook below, which was lovingly compiled using LOADS of other songbooks and websites – see the Resources page for links. At our jam nights, we play Songbook bingo as Seán shouts out the number of the next song and we repeatedly annoy him by pretending that we haven’t heard it.

All songs in the book are reproduced for educational use and any rights are held by the respective writers, publishers or their agents.

You are welcome to download the songbook by clicking on the image below.