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Welcome to UCLA Box. Box at UCLA is a secured cloud-based file sharing and storage service. It is accessible from anywhere, on smartphone, tablet, or PC. Find out more at UCLA Box. To access Box for UCLA Health Sciences visit UCLA Health Sciences-managed Box. Undergraduate students eligible to enroll for the next term are given two appointment times, one during the first pass and one during the second pass. Some students qualify for priority-pass status and can enroll in a limited number of units before the first pass begins. %%% -.-BibTeX-.-%%% %%% BibTeX-file%%% author = 'Nelson H. Beebe',%%% version = '1.364',%%% date = '19 October 2020',%%% time = '08:46:57 MDT. Sep 30, 2020 LastPass Families is the single sign-on solution that makes storing and remembering passwords practically effortless. And not just all those e-learning passwords. It’s got you covered on platforms.

Background: DIIT has set up a Library domain LastPass instance exclusively for Library use. This entailed setting up a Library domain DUO instance as well.

March 2020: DIIT is testing use outside of DIIT TSP-4419 - Getting issue details...STATUSDIIT-3218 - Getting issue details...STATUS for departmental account/password sharing purposes.

Reporting: During the trial, please report any questions via Slack to Dave Lakatta and Cindy Kimmick.

Things to consider before setting up your departmental LastPass repository

There are several ways of using LastPass, please consider your use case.

  • To share LastPass folders with someone, they must have
    1. a Library domain account. LastPass repositories cannot be shared with people outside the Library domain.
    2. a Library email address or alias
  • What type of accounts do you need to share?
    • One account per website
    • Multiple accounts for the same website
      • Example:
        • UCLA email accounts
          • EM shared departmental accounts for email/calendars/room reservations
          • Gmail shared departmental accounts
        • Training accounts (a few accounts for one site)
  • Who do you need to share with?
    • Is there one group of people you need to share accounts/passwords with, or
    • Are there different groups you need to share with?
      • If so, you will need different folders for the different groups.

Personal accounts

There are two ways of saving personal account/password information in LastPass.

  • Personal LastPass accounts
    • May also be linked to your work @library.ucla.edu* LastPass account so they are accessible on your browser at work.
    • Personal account information (accounts you save passwords to within your personal LastPass account):
      • Your personal accounts and passwords saved in any personal LastPass accounts (not @library.ucla.edu*) will not be accessible to DIIT LastPass administrators or other LastPass users unless you specifically share them, which we do not recommend. This holds true regardless of whether you link your personal LastPass account to your @library.ucla.edu account or not.
  • Personal account information (accounts you save passwords to within LastPass)
    • If you save personal account/password information in your @library.ucla.edu* LastPass vault, be aware that although the sites, account and passwords will not be visible to regular Library domain LastPass users, the sites themselves will be visible to the DIIT Library LastPass administrators.
Ucla vpn setup

Please be aware of the distinction between (and what should go in):

Ucla lastpass student
  • Your personal LastPass account/s
    • whether they are linked to your @library.ucla.edu* LastPass account or not
    • Suggested content: non-library related passwords that should not be shared with co-workers.
  • Your @library.ucla.edu* LastPass account (this is your individual Library business account)
    • Suggested content:
      • library related passwords that are unique to you and should not be shared with co-workers
      • library work-related individual passwords
  • Shared Departmental LastPass folders

    • Are not LastPass accounts

    • Suggested content:
      • library-related passwords that need to be shared with co-workers, including student workers (*see warning below)

* @library.ucla.edu LastPass accounts & Duo authentication

The following two things are required to use the Library LastPass instance and to share departmental accounts

  • Ability to receive an email addressed to @library.ucla.edu ... this can be an actual EM email address or an alias to a non EM address.
  • a Library domain account

Ucla Lastpass Student

For instance, FTVA will work, as they have an @library.ucla.edu alias/EM account, but they will still use their Library domain account with DUO to authenticate to the Library instance of LastPass. No change will be needed when/if the @library becomes their primary email address.

Ucla lastpass portal

Student account issues: Luckily both have the same Library domain and library email (Rubia) or library email alias (Josephine):

Ucla Lastpass App

Ucla Lastpass Extension