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Streamers unlock 10 VIP slots by completing the Build a Community achievement, which requires 50 followers and five unique chatters. Viewers assigned a VIP spot will have an exclusive badge that. Twitch Affiliate Program. Streaming is fun and games, but it’s also hard work. We recognize our streamers’ dedication and talent, and we’re taking another step forward to ensure Twitch continues to be the best streaming platform in the world for everyone.

Twitch is an exceptional streaming platform for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is the ability to build communities around Twitch. The reason why it is so easy to do that is the fact that Twitch offers you many great tools with which you can reward individuals from your community.

One such tool is the Twitch VIP badge with which you can reward special viewers that have proven their loyalty to your stream and community.

How Does the VIP Badge Look Like?

The Twitch VIP badge is designed to look like a diamond on a hot pink background. The badge is easily distinguishable and since there is a big diamond in the middle, you can kind of guess that it means that the person that has received it is important.

How Do I Get VIP Slots?

As explained by Twitch you unlock your first 10 VIP slots by completing the “Building a Community” achievement which requires you to have at least 50 followers and 5 unique chatters on your stream.


This process also scales up with the number of unique chatters in your stream all the way up to 100. This means you can potentially unlock 100 VIP Twitch badges if you have achieved 100 unique chatters at any point in time!

How Do I Give People VIP?

Once you have unlocked at least the baseline 10 VIP slots you can start giving people the attention they deserve.

You can do this in two simple ways. The first way is to simply use the chat commands. You can type /vip @username where the username is whoever you want to VIP on your channel.

The second method is to open the Creator Dashboard and navigate to Community and select Roles Manger. There you can easily assign VIP roles to whomever you desire.

Why Give People VIP?

At this point, you might be wondering “what is even the point of getting a VIP badge?”. Well, aside from the obvious bling being the cool looking VIP Twitch badge, the role comes with certain privileges.

Twitch vip roles

Once again as documented by Twitch, VIPs get the benefit of not being affected by slow-mode, sub-only, followers-only, or emote-only modes in chat. The Twitch VIP badge also enables people to chat without being affected by rate limits and even post links in chat EVEN IF links are disabled!

Limitations of the VIP Badge

As with everything else, good things always come to an end. Unfortunately, the VIP status has its own limitations which need to be addressed.

  1. VIPs CAN still be moderated, so even if they are immune to chat options they cannot escape the wrath of the green sword badge. VIP means you are important, but not above the law!
  2. The Twitch VIP badge currently has no customization options. You get what you get. That is not to say that the current badge is bad.
  3. You CANNOT be a moderator and a VIP at the same time. You have to choose which role and badge you prefer if you have the opportunity to get both.
  4. VIPs DO NOT get the subscriber benefits, therefore do not expect to unlock emotes once you do receive your VIP status. At the same time, you do have the opportunity to be a subscriber and a VIP while keeping both badges visible!

Show Your People Some Love!

How To Add Vip Twitch

Overall the VIP badge and role is a great tool for you to grow your community and to reward the people that you enjoy hanging out with. Make sure to not just give it out like it’s nothing though because then inflation kicks in and the value of the badge and role drops significantly!

Additional badges:

Moderator Badge: The badge to rule them all! The almighty role that gives you plenty of power but also truckloads of responsibility!

Subscriber Badge: If you are part of the crew you can rock with the cool kids and show off them sweet, sweet emotes!

Twitch Vip Checker

Founder Badge: If you like being first then you will definitely like this badge. Whoever subs first wins the race!