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Are you watching FIFA 20 streams on Twitch? Then you can receive some rewards. What do you need to do to get them? Nothing complicated. You just need to link your EA and Twitch accounts. It is this easy. The rewards are called Twitch drops. Players can obtain them when they watch EA Twitch streams from the Global Series.

Keep in mind that you need to watch on EA’s Twitch channel to get the rewards. Not all streams will yield rewards. That’s why it is a good idea to keep an eye on the EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter page. Whenever there is a stream that gives Twitch drops, you can find out all about it from a tweet. This way, you know exactly when to turn on Twitch. If you are not at home, you can use the Twitch mobile app to watch the streams so you will not miss your chance at getting the rewards.

All you need to do to become eligible for the Twitch drops is to link your EA and Twitch accounts. This is a simple process that will take less than five minutes. You can check in your Twitch account what EA account you have linked and when you have done this. You can easily disconnect the accounts.

Twitch Fifa 20

If you have multiple EA accounts, make sure to link the one you are currently using to play FIFA 20 so you can use the rewards in the game. But what exactly are these rewards? You can get Ultimate Team packs and players. For example, footballers such as De Bruyne OVR 92 and Stoichkov OVR 90 can be won from Twitch drops. These are some really nice players that can make a difference for your team. One thing you should be aware of is that Twitch drops are random. It’s not guaranteed that you will get a reward. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get the reward in Ultimate Team within 24 hours of the event.

Twitch Fifa 20


The Most Followed English FIFA 20 Twitch Streamers, April 2021. Ranked by total followers. Last updated Thu, Apr 1 at 18:58. PRIME STATUS ON TWITCH. Get free games and in-game loot every month. FIFA 21: Prime Gaming Pack #4. Electronic Arts Inc. League of Legends: 2nd Skin Shard Now. Follower growth for medium-large which played FIFA 20 over the past 7 days Expand Image Show offline Channels are ordered by growth and the average of each 5% is shown (i.e. 100% on the chart is the average gains of the top 95-100% of channels). 'Hey Fifa Fan, Congratulations! You' ve earned an untradeable Team of the Year Frenkie De Jong item in FUT 20 by watching the FIFA eClub WORLD CUP, Live on Twitch. Enjoy your reward and keep viewing EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series Events for more chances to win.' I accepted the message but the reward is nowhere. I wrote on live chat 2 times.

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Twitch Fifa 20 Loot

Those who are playing FIFA 20 on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 are eligible for the rewards. If you want to know how to link your EA and Twitch accounts, just go to the official support page and you will find all the instructions there. If you follow Twitter, look for the URL in one of the tweets announcing Twitch drops. Just follow the instructions and you will be eligible for rewards in no time!

Twitch drops are great but don’t count on them for UT upgrades. Check out U7Buy and get FIFA 20 coins, players, and accounts at affordable prices!

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