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Signing Into TechSmith Relay

Quickly Capture Your Desktop Screen. Image & Video Capture. Capture anything - a small region of your screen, wide panoramic scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpages, and more. TechSmith Screencast. TechSmith Camtasia. TechSmith Relay. Faculty and Students - Using TechSmith Capture App for Screen Recording on iOS/Apple Devices Viewed 1843 times since Mon, Apr 6, 2020 Conversations - Add In-Video Commenting with TechSmith Knowmia.

Navigate to Click Sign In and login with your Dartmouth NetID credentials.

Click Launch Capture (Note: you will always have to launch the recorder this way, even after installing and setting it up on your device). Note: if you wish to upload existing video media, you may do so under the Create drop-down menu.

Techsmith Screen Capture

Techsmith Capture will attempt to launch from your browser. Since TechSmith Capture isn’t previously installed, click the option to Download.

The instructions will continue below based on whether you have Mac or Windows. Please follow the directions specific to the platform you use.

Upload Pre-existing Media to TechSmith Relay

In addition to offering the TechSmith Capture application for recording from your desktop, TechSmith Relay also allows users to upload existing media to the TechSmith Relay platform. (Supported File Types)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Create > then select Upload Media
  3. Click Select Files to Upload. To check if your media meets the requirements for relay, refer to the media requirements.

Downloading and Installing the TechSmith Capture Application (Mac)

Pick a place to save the installer. Once it’s downloaded, open the installer labeled TechsmithCapture.dmg (or double-click it from your browser).

Drag the TechSmith application to the Applications folder shortcut. At this point, your Mac will install TechSmith Capture by copying over it’s contents.

Once the copying is completed. Eject the installer mount by finding TechSmith Capture in your Finder window on the left side. Click the Eject button ⏏️ next to the name.

Downloading and Installing the TechSmith Capture Application (Windows)

Pick a place to save the installer. Then click Save.

Run the installer Setup.exe from the download location (double-click it).

Once the download is complete, it will preset a pop-up message that tells you the Installation successful. Click OK and navigate back to the Relay site to re-launch the recorder application from your browser.

When asked, allow TechSmith Relay Recorder to open from your browser. Click Open TechSmith Relay Recorder.

Techsmith Capture Windows

Recording using TechSmith Capture

Navigate back to the window for in your browser. Select the option to Launch Recorder.

When prompted, allow the browser to launch the TechSmith or TechSmith Relay Recorder from the window.

Techsmith Screen Capture Codec

Techsmith screen capture codec

The following is a walkthrough of the capture window that appears when Relay launches.

There are six options on this window:

  • Screen area selection: This allows you to select whether you would like to capture the Fullscreen or a Screen Region. This will largely depend on your use case. If you are recording a PowerPoint in slideshow mode, click Full Screen.
  • Record microphone: This allows you to select which microphone you would like to record from. If possible, we recommend using an external microphone, headset, or earbuds with microphone attached. Select the option for that external microphone from the dropdown. Otherwise, select Internal Microphone.
  • Webcam: This allows you to record your webcam instead of the screen region. Avoid this option if you are trying to capture the screen.
  • Record system audio: This option allows you to capture system audio directly from your audio card. This is helpful if you are trying to capture your device’s audio as a part of your recording.
  • Record cursor: This option allows you to capture the cursor as a part of your recording. This is helpful if you’re trying to provide screencasting instructions on using an application or something similar.
  • Capture: This is the record button in TechSmith Capture. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + 1 on a Mac OR Shift + F11 on Windows.

The first time you record on a Mac, you may be prompted to give TechSmith Capture access to the screen recording permission on your mac preferences. If so, click the option to Open System Preferences, then check the checkbox next to TechSmith (as pictured in the two screenshots below respectively).

You will then be prompted to re-launch TechSmith Capture. In that case, navigate back to your web browser and relaunch the recorder from the web page.

Once you are back in the recorder app, you can set the settings you desire from the capture screen and click Capture to begin recording.

When done, click the Stop button on the bottom of your screen. Click Upload to TechSmith Relay and after processing the video, you’ll have an option to edit the video, change settings, and share out the link.

While your video is uploading, make sure to keep your device open, logged into Relay, and connected to Wi-Fi. Times may vary based on other user activities and the duration for your recording.

Using TechSmith Relay to Edit, Add Captions, and Share Your Video

Open and find your video on the My Library page, or click the link to view your media after upload is complete. Relay allows for options to do the following on each video:

  • Quizzing: Allows you to add questions that would appear at specific time marks in the video. Canvas Quizzes would be a better option for quizzes around video in most cases.
  • Analytics: Shows you overall viewing trends for your video by particular groups you might share to or the link overall. It will breakdown all partial and completed
  • Conversations: Allows you to add discussions and student-generated markup to existing videos. View this TechSmith Guide to learn more: Add In-Video Commenting with Conversations
  • Accessibility: You can generate and add closed captions to your video for enhanced accessibility and ease of use. Relay will auto-generate captions that you may choose to edit yourself or assign to another user.
    • To generate your own captions: Click Accessibility > Select and Action drop-down > Generate Captions. Captions will take some time to generate, you can click here to check your auto-generated captions jobs.
    • Once Captions are generated, you may go to Accessibility > Select and Action drop-down > Edit Captions.
    • Note: For additional information on Accessible Remote Teaching refer to our companion guide.
  • Privacy: By default, all TechSmith Relay recordings are permissioned for users at Dartmouth College to view. The easiest way to make your videos available without running into login issues is to make your videos Public. TechSmith has a guide on Media Sharing and Privacy Settings.
  • Edit Video: You may trim the ends of the video and cut pieces out in the middle. This can be particularly helpful to trip transitions out at the beginning and end. Learn more about editing videos with this guide from TechSmith: Editing Videos
  • Edit Details: allows you to change the title, description, and library location where the video is stored.

The second row of options in the video page allows you to do the following:

Techsmith Capture Desktop App

  • Share: Sharing allows you share a link, share to a specified group of people, or grab embed code to place the video in the contents of another HTML page. TechSmith has a guide on Media Sharing and Privacy Settings.
  • Download: Allows you to download a .mp4 version of the video you recorded.
  • Reset Data: Allows you to clear all viewer-related data including views, quiz submissions, and conversations will be reset for this media. They also allow you to download a .csv version of the results before deleting. This can be helpful when using the same media from term to term.
  • Delete: Allows you to permanently media from your library.
  • Copy: Allows you to make a duplicate copy of the media from your library.
  • Set Thumbnail: Allows you to reset the video player thumbnail image for the media in your library.
  • Replace Media: Allows you to swap out the media associated with that link and details. This is helpful if you have something linked in multiple places previously and don’t wish to lose those previously references. By replacing the media, you also reset any associated viewing data and analytics.

Techsmith Capture App

Sharing Your Video in Canvas

To share your video with students in your Canvas course site, all you need to do is copy the link from the Share button on the video settings page and make a link on a Page or share in a Module as link. As a reminder, changing the Privacy of the video to Public will help reduce login and access issues for students.

Contacting TechSmith Support

For specific technical issues, Dartmouth contracts with TechSmith to provide support as a part of our contract. Please refer to TechSmith support for these types of issues.

From click on your profile badge (in the upper right) and click on Support.

Scroll down to the footer on the support page and click on Contact Us.

Click on Contact Support.

Click the option for TechSmith Relay - Hosted.

Select the nature of your problem from the available options.

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