Sound Diffraction Examples

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  1. Sound Diffraction Examples Water

Another word for diffraction. Find more ways to say diffraction, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Free online dictionary in English, German, French, Spanish. Examples a sound through open door a radio wave around building a visible light thru very. The smaller the lens, the more diffraction, athus the more.

What are some examples of diffraction

Sound Diffraction Examples Water

Intro to Waves
This lessons examines some of the key principles and vocabulary applying to waves. Slide Show
Wave SuperpositionSome very clear simulations of waves occupying the same place at the same time: Simulations
Reflection of WavesSimulations of a pulse striking a new medium and a periodic wave striking a new medium. Simulations
The Origin of Light
This lesson examines where light comes from at the atomic level. It shows both photon creation and photon absorption. Movie &
Doppler Effect LabThis interactive lab allows you to see the Doppler effect and experiment with aspects that affect the Doppler effect. Created by Raman Pfaff.Interactive Lab
Interference Beat Frequency LabThis interactive lab allows you to hear and experiment with the beat frequency created by the interference of two waves. Created by Raman Pfaff.Interactive Lab
Interference Patterns LabThis interactive lab allows you to overlap two patterns to produce a third 'interference' pattern that would apply to light, sound or moir´┐Ż patterns.
Created by Raman Pfaff.
Interactive Lab
Patterned Array LabThis interactive lab allows you to experiment with a patterned (phased) array to see the effects of interference.
Created by Raman Pfaff.
Interactive Lab
This lesson page has many real life examples of Resonance at work.Animations & Video
Resonance in a Tube
Here are a couple of lessons related to resonance in an open tube or closed tube. Animations, Simulations & Explanations
Single Slit Diffraction Lab
This interactive lesson illustrates the basic principles behind single slit diffraction.Interactive Lab
Double Slit Diffraction
Dialog on Double Slit Diffraction (Java)
This lesson illustrates the basic principles behind double slit diffraction.Slide Show
This lesson demonstrates what polarization of light is and how a polarizer can be used to remove some orientations of light.Explanation & Movie
Reflection Reversed
A nice video demonstrating that a mirror doesn't reverse left and right, only forward and back.Video 3:47
Refraction Lesson
Explanation and animations of refractionLesson & Images
Index of Refraction
This lesson illustrates the concept of index of refraction, Snell's law, and critical angle.Slide Show
Frequency, Wavelength, Energy of a Wave
This is a drill and practice activity. You will be given the frequency, wavelength, or energy of a wave and be asked to calculate the other two.Drill & Practice
Reflection & RefractionThis interactive Java applet allows you to adjust an incoming ray of light and observe reflection, refraction, and internal reflection. It also allows you to switch mediums by Walter FendtInteractive Lab
Reflection & Refraction (explained by Huygens' principle)This lesson shows the basic concepts of reflection and refraction but explains it from the point of view of Huygens' principle.
Created by Walter Fendt.
Interactive Lab
Prism & Refraction LabThis interactive lab allows you to experiment with a prism and light source with different colors.Snell's law and the index of refraction are also addressed.
Created by Raman Pfaff..
Interactive Lab
Dispersion Through Plane Glass
This interactive lesson allows you to manipulate light passing through a plane piece of glass.Interactive
Total Internal Reflection Lab
This interactive lab allows you to explore the concept of the critical angle and total internal reflection. Also applies concept to diamonds and fiber optics.Interactive
(Java) Lab & Lesson
This lesson demonstrates many of the concepts based on spectroscopy. The visible spectrum, emission spectrum, absorption spectrum, and blue & red shift are all shown.Pictures & Descriptions
Waves Review
A collection of multiple choice questions providing immediate feedback.Multiple Choice Practice
Optics Lesson Collection
This contains many lessons related specifically to optics.