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  • Sony Sketch by Carl Hammarlund @mrsketch On October 3, 2019, Sony shut down the Sketch online service, and a few days later the app was removed from Google Play and the App Store. At the time of the shutdown, Sketch had millions of users, and hundreds of millions of drawings stored in the cloud.
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  • Sketch – Draw & Paint is an app developed by Sony for Android users which not only gives you a chance to create new paintings but you can also edit the existing ones at your fingertips! Here’s what the app has on offer for you! Brushes, Pens and Pencils!
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Sketchers United is developed and maintained by Colorful, a company registered in Sweden. Colorful is made up of former members of the Sony Sketch team who were dismissed by Sony in 2019. To learn more about Sketch, read the history of Sony Sketch Are you in any way affiliated with Sony?

Update: August, 2020

As of April 7th, 2020 the Sony Sketch is no longer available on the Google play store. You may want to try the alternative, Paintology which has been designed from the bottom up to provide the community feature that Sony Sketch had along with a powerful drawing app. Check it out.

You might be an avid user of Sony Sketch like many others and have seen a notice appear once you open up your app (Fig. 1). I want to provide more clarity to what this means to us Sketch users.

Many users are confused that the Sketch app will no longer be available after 30th of this month (Sep) – this is INCORRECT. The notice provides information to all users that the app will continue but the online portion will be closed down. When I say the online portion, I mean anything belonging to a ‘community’ related piece, for example, when you post your sketches for others to view, comment, like, follow etc.

It is important that you understand the importance of this especially if you do not want to lose any work that you have done over the years.

Some Terminologies

Before you panic and want to take the right actions to remedy this, you need to understand some key terms that are used in the notice.

On Fig. 1, make sure to read the whole of the notice by clicking on ‘SHOW MORE’. This should open up a link and provide your with more information about this notice. For your reference, I have provided the link below.

The link will present you with more information about this notice and how to offload any information that might be saved in the ‘cloud’. For you to understand this notice properly, you need to understand some terms which are provided below:

Sketch service:

This is the online service provided by Sony mobile for you to engage with other users such as sharing, following, liking, messaging. Think of this service like Instagram.

Local sketches:

Your app will be most likely used by a device such as an Android phone, tablet or an iPhone. These devices will have storage built-in and your Sketch app will store your sketches in this area. Naturally, you will have full access to this and the Sketch app will take no action on those image files saved.

Download all data:

Your Sketch app, once opened allows you to connect via the internet to the ‘cloud’ space that stores all your online information. This includes any sketches you shared with the community amongst other stuff. The act of downloading means that you need to download all of that data from your app only.


This does not mean that the app is discontinued but only the online portion of the community as explained earlier. The date where you need to act to download the data is before September 30th, 2019. It means that after that date, you will not have access to the online community and you may have lost all of that work. We will show you how you can offload this data in a simple way in a video. Please watch this space.

Servers heavily loaded:

If you continued reading the notice, you will come across a line where it encourages you to offload your online content as soon as possible rather than near that date. This makes total sense, because we humans have a habit of doing things in the last minute. If you do leave it near the date, there is a chance that many other like minded people are doing the same. This can lead to servers being heavily over loaded and give you the dreaded notice ‘site unreachable’. Hence the reason for this blog post to avoid the much frustration at the cut-off time. We strongly encourage you to offload the content to your local storage, it will only take a few minutes. We are preparing a short video to show you how.

Export local sketches:

You can pretty much ignore this for now, since it refers to moving your existing local sketch images to other formats. You are more interested in exporting the ‘online’ community portion (see below).

Export community data:

Here is the most important bit that needs your attention right away. You need to export all the data that Sony sketch community has of you in their cloud. The process is simple and we will provide a video for you to show how to do this.

Download stickers & patterns:

This is a community feature that is proprietary to Sony and it means you can download this to your local but can only be used by Sketch app only. You would not be able to make use of it outside of this app. We will double check to see if the complete export will include such files and no other separate action is required.

Going forwards:

Hopefully, we provided some clarity to this important notice that Sony Sketch has posted to its users. We encourage you to download your community data through the export facility provided in the app. More details on how to do this will be posted shortly.

We’re changing some terminology in our product. Read our support guide to learn more.

Learn how to manage your documents — from saving your work to using versioning in your Workspace.

How to open documents

In the Mac app You can find and open documents in your Workspace from the Documents window. If you’re part of a team or have created Projects , you’ll see these in the sidebar. Clicking on a Workspace or Project name will show only the documents that belong to it.

You can also bring up the Documents window to open a Workspace document by choosing File > Open Workspace document (or press ++O).

How to open a document from the web app

You can open any document in the Mac app directly from your browser by clicking on the Open in Sketch button at the bottom of the sidebar in a document’s overview. Depending on your browser, you may have to confirm this action before your document will open in the Mac app.

If you are viewing a single Artboard, you’ll see a new icon to the right of the zoom controls to open your document focused on that specific Artboard in the Mac app.

You can also open documents in the Mac app from the All Documents view in your Workspace. To do this, hover over any document’s thumbnail, click and choose Open in Sketch.

Note: This feature will only work with version 64 or newer of the Mac app.

How to create a document

To create a new document, you can either double-click on the New Document thumbnail in the Documents window, choose File > New, or press + N.

Sony Sketch

How to save documents

Saving files to your Workspace Choose File > Save (or press +S), select the To a Workspace tab and choose the Workspace and, if you want, project folder where you want to save your document.

If you close a document while it’s saving to your Workspace, we’ll ask you whether you want to wait for the save to complete or whether you want to close and cancel the save.

Sony Sketch Download Ios

You can also save a document to your Workspace by clicking on the Collaborate button in the toolbar , choosing a Workspace and a Project (if you’ve created one) to save to then clicking Save.

If you have a document saved locally (on your computer) you can drag-and-drop it onto the Documents window to save it to your Workspace. When you do this, you’ll be able to choose a Workspace and Project to save it to. This also works with multiple documents, making it great if you’re moving an entire set of documents to your Workspace for the first time.

Saving files locallyChoose File > Save (or press +S), select the On Your Mac tab and choose the location where you want to save it in your Mac.

How to save documents in real-time collaboration

When you’re working on a document with other people, you can download the Workspace document to your computer, make your changes locally and manually upload them to your Workspace to create a new version of the document. Click and hit Update Document…. Before uploading your document, we’ll ask you to confirm this action, as it might overwrite edits from other collaborators.

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If someone is working on the same document as you in your Workspace, you won’t be able to push changes until they’re gone.

How to save real-time collaboration documents offline

If you’re working offline, we’ll store any changes you save locally. When you are back online, we’ll update the latest version of the document that’s available in your Workspace with all your new changes.


Sony Sketch App

Note: If someone deletes an object that you’ve edited while you were offline, we won’t be able to apply changes to that object.

How to use versioning

When you make updates to a document you’ve saved in your Workspace, it’ll automatically appear as a new update within the sidebar in the web app.

You can also see updates for specific Artboards (if they’ve changed) in the Artboard view.

You can click on any update in the sidebar to view an older version. When you’re viewing an older version, you can click the See Latest Version button in the top-right to go straight to the latest version.


Workspaces bring the Mac app and web apps together, giving you a place to store and manage your work. Designs and projects you save in your Workspace are automatically available everywhere you use Sketch. When you get a subscription, you automatically get a Workspace. Workspaces are a subscription-only feature — if you currently have a Mac-only license but are interested in Workspaces, you can switch to a subscription at any time.

Learn more about Workspaces:

Viewing Workspace documents in the web app

There are a few different ways to view documents in the web app.

In the Mac app With a Workspace document open, click on the Collaborate button in the toolbar, or head to File > Workspace, and choose View in Workspace…. This will open the document in a new browser window.

In the web app If someone has shared a document with you via your Workspace email address, choose the Workspace they shared it from using the drop-down menu in the top-left of the web app. You will see the shared document in the panel to the right.

If you’re part of a Workspace (as an Editor or Viewer), select your Workspace from the drop-down menu in the top-left to view all the documents shared in your Workspace.

If you’ve been sent a link to a Workspace document, clicking on that link will open it up in a new browser window.

When you open a document in the web app, you’ll see its prototypes, pages, Artboards and Symbols . You can click any of these to view them in more detail. You can also use the drop-down menu in the document’s title to view a particular page’s Artboards.

When you’re viewing an individual Artboard, you can use the Arrow keys or click on the arrows in the top-right to jump between the different Artboard in the document.

When you’re viewing an individual Artboard , you can click on it to zoom in and view it full size — or use the zoom controls in the top-right. You can also press 0 to zoom to 100%, 1 to fit the Artboard on your screen, + to zoom in (or = on non-US keyboars) and - to zoom out.

From there, you can scroll around to see all of its contents.

How to move documents from My Drafts to a shared Workspace

In the web app You can move documents from My Drafts to a shared Workspace by hovering over the document’s thumbnail, clicking the more options icon that appears and choosing Move to Workspace. From there, select the Workspace you want to move your document to and click Save Changes to confirm.

Note: You cannot undo the process of moving a document from My Drafts to a shared Workspace.

How to rename and add a cover to Workspace documents

In the Mac app Choose File > Rename…, enter its new name in the title bar, then press enter on your keyboard to save.

You can also double-click on any document thumbnail in the Documents window (or Control-click on the thumbnail and choose Rename) to rename it.

In the web app From your Workspace or project view, hover over your document’s thumbnail, choose then Rename Document…. From the document or Artboard view, click on the settings icon in the top-right and choose Rename Document….

To add a thumbnail to a Workspace document, move the Artboard you want to use so that it is the first Artboard of the first page in your document. This artboard should be at least 250x250, otherwise it won’t show.

How to make a local copy of a Workspace document

In the Mac app Depending on your Auto Save preferences, you can either choose File > Duplicate (Auto Save enabled) or File > Save As… (Auto Save disabled) to save a new copy of your current document. In the save sheet, you can choose to save it locally (on your Mac) or to a Workspace.

Tip: If you have Auto Save enabled, you’ll only see Duplicate in the File menu, but you can hold down to show Save As… instead.

In the web app From your Workspace or project view, hover over your document’s thumbnail, choose then Download Document. From the document or Artboard view, click on the settings icon in the top-right and choose Download Document.

How to delete documents

In the Mac app Control-click on a document’s thumbnail in the Documents window and choose Delete Document…, or click once on the thumbnail to select it and press the backspace key on your keyboard.

In the web app From your Workspace or project view, hover over your document’s thumbnail, click the icon and choose Delete Document…. You can also drag and drop a document’s thumbnail to the Trash item in the sidebar .


If you’re viewing a single Artboard or in the document’s overview, you can click on the settings in the top-right and choose Delete Document….

When you delete a document in your Workspace you’ll send it to the Trash . We’ll automatically delete any documents that have been in the Trash for 90 days, but up until that point you can easily restore them.

How to restore documents

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To restore a file in the Trash , click on the document’s preview and choose Restore. You can also hover over the document’s preview in the Trash, click and select Restore document.

How to permanently delete documents

If you want to permanently delete a document, hover over its thumbnail in the Trash, click and select Delete Permanently. When you delete a document permanently, it will also remove all its activity and history for your whole team.

To empty the Trash, hover over the Trash icon in the sidebar, click and select Empty Trash. Be careful — anyone in your Workspace can empty the Trash and this is a permanent action, so please be sure before you do so!

Sony Sketch Download

Note: At this time, you can only access and empty the Trash from your web browser. We’ll be bringing this functionality to the Mac app in a future update.

How to delete versions

Sony Sketch Google Play

In the web app Open your document and hover over the update you want to delete in the sidebar, click on and choose Delete Version. You will need to confirm that you want to delete that update by clicking Delete Update in the confirmation window that appears.

If there is only one update in the document’s history, you won’t be able to delete it.

How to download documents from the web app

In the web app If a document in your Workspace has downloads enabled, you can download it by clicking Download Document at the bottom of the sidebar in the document view.

Note: Clicking Download Document will always download the update of the document you’re currently viewing, even if that’s an older version.

Sony Sketch Online

To enable or disable downloads for a specific document, open it up in the web app, click on the “more options” icon in the top-right and choose Settings. From there, check or uncheck the Download option.