Sketchpad 5.1

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Sketchpad Pro is a simple graphic editor written for the web. This drawing library uses HTML5 Canvas supported by all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer...). You can use any device to draw on 'sketchpad'. Drawn sketches you can export to jpeg/png or save as .json history file.

Sketch 5.1

Sketchpad 5.1 - Draw, Create, Share! Sketchpad is an image and vector editor built in HTML5. You can experiment with photos by painting new elements into the composition, add notes, manipulate graphics, overlay text on anything or go backwards and forwards in time infinitely through changes you make. is using 'slices of time' as inputs history to store events. This approach allows co-operating multiple users in real-time using WebSocket server.

Sketchpad Pro is fully customizable javascript library written in ES5.

Using Sketchpad Pro with a CDNCopy this script and paste into your page to include Sketchpad Pro from CDN server:

Build your own Sketchpad Pro

Sketchpad 5.0 Draw Create Share

  1. Download & install current Node.js.
  2. Download Sketchpad Pro developer pack and extract sketchpad/ folder or clone project from GitHub:
  1. Run in terminal:
  1. Check dist/ folder for your build files.

  2. Open test page: demos/online.html to test your build.

  3. Run local server


to watch files for changes while development.


The full documentation is available online at the following address:

Checking Your Installation

The comes with a few sample pages that can be used to verify thatinstallation proceeded properly. Take a look at the demos in the installation directory.

Just call for example:



Sketchpad 5.1 Lessons