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DesignEvo shape logo creator helps you customize artistic shape logo templates into impressive logo designs in minutes. Here, we have provided you a set of powerful editing tools and numerous art resources, which crafts a decent user experience.

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DesignEvo shape logo creator helps you customize artistic shape logo templates into impressive logo designs in minutes. Here, we have provided you a set of powerful editing tools and numerous art resources, which crafts a decent user experience. Shape Logo If you are looking to create a creative shape logo you've come to the right place. We offer countless logo templates that come in all different shapes, layouts, etc. Browse our designs and select the one you like best for easy revisions.

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Using minimalist shapes to design your logo

Many companies today are choosing these type of logos for their brands. The design aspects are smooth, minimal and work with any type of business. This shape set includes dotted shapes, circular lines and other unique graphic shapes that you can use to design your logo. The idea behind these kind of designs is to use the shapes the accommodate your company names and slogan. The shapes are very playful which allows you to get really creative.

You can use the shape to encapsulate your text, add an extra structural support to your design or simply use the shape for additional styling. Of course with our logo maker you can resize, rotate, change colors and even amend the shape by deleting parts of it for example. Check out some of our cool video tutorials for in depth look at our logo maker logos with shapes like these work particularly well with industries like: Advertising, media, Design, Finance, Insurance, High-tech, Transport...

Let's break down the different type of shape logos that we have in the thumbnails above

1. A geometrical side shape, which is suitable for both sides and has a media/ design agency feel to it.

2. The dotted semi circle, which is a perfect fit for IT/communications.

3. Smooth and wavy, this kind of shape would be perfect for a plumbing company for example.

4. A great all round shape which you can squeeze your text inside of, it works with almost all industry types.

5. Swirly branches is great for any creative type of business domain, this shape can also be inverted and stuck to the left side of the company name.

6. Simple and subtle, this semi circle is great for encapsulating your text on the left or right side

Shape Maker Tool

7. The ever so popular double circle. This shape is very dynamic and also suits almost any kind of industry


Shape Logo Maker Template

8. This wavy logo shape allows you to center your text in the middle and swoops around the side for that perfect finish

Shape Logo Maker Software

Whatever your industry, you can be certain that you'll be able to find just the right logo shape for your design. When designing with our logo maker it's up to you to get creative with the logo templates. make sure you try all of our tools and options and make your logo unique!