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Before you begin, make sure your device or TV is compatible with AT&T and you have high-speed internet. Even if it is not fully compatible with your TV OS, there are alternative ways to install the app. Sadly, if you own LG or Vizio, you can’t download the AT&T TV app, but you can always use screen share or screencast to stream using your laptop or smartphone. This post will share you with two feasible ways to mirror iPhone to LG TV so that you can display your iPhone pictures or videos on a large LG TV screen.

The screen mirroring iPhone feature is an excellent tool for people to show their iPhone’s screen on various large screens. Learning how to use this can come in very handy and the following guide teaches how to do just that.

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Apple’s iPhones are loaded with tons of features to help you out with both your personal as well as professional tasks. One of these features that helps you in your professional life is the screen mirroring feature. It allows you to mirror the screen of your iPhone on the large screen of your TV or your computer monitors.

Screen Mirroring iPhone

What’s more, the feature is built right into the iOS operating system and so you do not need to install any apps to get it working on your devices. As long as the minimum requirements are met, the feature works straight out of the box on your iOS based devices. Here we take a look at how you can mirror your iPhone’s screen to various devices.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to TV

No matter what model of the iPhone you have, it is still much smaller than the screen of your large TV. Fortunately, you can mirror your iPhone to your TV and view all the contents of your smartphone on your large high-quality TV. The following should teach you how to do screen mirroring from iPhone to TV:

1. Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs come with many features built into them and one of these lets you mirror your iPhone to your TV. You are going to need to install a third-party app on your iPhone to do the task, though, as these TVs are not AirPlay supported. Ensure both your iPhone and your TV are on the same WiFi network.

Step 1. Download and install the Mirror for Samsung TV app on your iPhone. Launch the app, let it scan your network, and select your TV on the list.

Step 2. After you have selected the TV, tap on the Start Mirroring option in the app.


Step 3. On the following screen, tap on Mirror Samsung TV and then tap on the Start Broadcast option. Your iPhone screen will start mirroring on your Samsung Smart TV.

Start Broadcasting the Screen

2. Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV

Sony TVs also come equipped with some amazing features and these also allow you to mirror your iPhone to your TV. Assuming both your TV and your iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network, here is what you need to do for screen mirroring:

Step 1. Launch the WiFi Direct menu on your TV and enable the feature.

Step 2. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi on your iPhone and tap on the WiFi Direct network created by your TV to connect to it. When your iPhone is connected to the network, you will be able to send content from your phone to your TV over WiFi.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Roku

If you have Roku attached to your screens, you can use it to mirror your iPhone to your screen. It is pretty easy to set it up as all you need to do is install an app on your iPhone. Connect both your iPhone and Roku to the same WiFi network.

Step 1. On Roku, head into Settings > System > Screen mirroring > Screen mirroring mode and tap on Always allow.

Step 2. Launch App Store on your iPhone and install the Roku app on your device.

Step 3. Launch the Roku app on your device, tap on your Roku device in the list, and finally select Photos+ at the bottom.

Access the Photos+ Section in the Roku App

Step 4. You can now select the content that you want to mirror from your iPhone to Roku.

Screencast From Iphone To Lg Tv

Screen Mirroring iPhone to MacBook

Even though MacBooks are also built by Apple, they do not have the AirPlay support by default. Therefore, you cannot use the iPhone’s built-in AirPlay feature to do screen mirroring from the iPhone to the MacBook.

Fortunately, there is a quick way to connect your iPhone to your Mac and have your iPhone’s screen shown on your MacBook. You do not need to install any apps to get this to work. Also, you do not have to be on the same WiFi network.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your MacBook using a USB cable.

Step 2. Launch the QuickTime Player app on your Mac from the Launchpad.

Step 3. When the app opens, click on the File menu at the top and select New Movie Recording. Although it says movie recording, it will let you mirror your screen.

Start New Recording in QuickTime Player

Step 4. Click on the red icon on the following screen and select your iPhone from the list. You will instantly see all the contents of your iPhone screen on your MacBook. That is how you mirror iPhone screen on Mac with ease.

Select iPhone as the Source Device in QuickTime Player

Screen Mirroring iPhone to PC

If you are a PC user, you do not have the AirPlay support for your computer. However, there are apps in the market that will let you add this missing support to your machine. Once it is added, you will be able to do screen mirroring from the iPhone to your PC. Here is how:

Screencast From Iphone To Laptop

Step 1. Download and install the X-Mirage app on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Launch the app so it can set things up. You do not need to manually modify anything in it.

Step 3. Connect both your iPhone and your PC to the same WiFi network. Then, open Control Center on your iPhone, tap on AirPlay, and select X-Mirage from the list.

You are all set. Thanks to third-party apps, iPhone screen mirroring to PC has become easier and more efficient than ever.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to iPad

iPads give you a bit more space to view your content than iPhones and so you may want to do screen mirroring from your iPhone to your iPad. It only takes a few taps to do it. Here is how:

Step 1. Connect both your iPhone and your iPad to the same WiFi network if they are not already.

Step 2. Open Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. When it opens, tap on AirPlay.

Access the AirPlay feature on iPhone

Step 3. Choose your iPad from the devices list and it will connect. You are all done. Your iPhone screen should now be visible on your iPad.

Mirror iPhone to Car Display

Apple has a feature called CarPlay that lets you mirror your iPhone to your car’s display. In order for this to work, your car must have the CarPlay feature built into it.

Step 1. On your iPhone, head into Settings and tap on Siri. Then, enable the option that says Allow “Hey Siri”.

Step 2. Head into Settings > General > CarPlay and you will get a prompt. Tap on Turn on Bluetooth if you would like to connect to your car via Bluetooth.

Enable CarPlay on iPhone

How To Screen Mirror Iphone To Lg Tv

Step 3. Choose your car from the list and you will connect to it. That is all there is to it. Now that your iPhone is connected to your car via CarPlay, you can start mirroring your screen to your car display.

Bonus Tip: An Alternative of AirPlay to Mirror Screen

While AirPlay is a great feature to mirror your iPhone’s screen, it is not available on all the platforms. Especially, it is not even available on some widely used computers such as Windows PCs and Mac machines.

Fortunately, you have a great app that bridges this gap. The app is called AnyTrans and it lets you mirror your iPhone’s screen to any of your Windows or Mac-based computers. Also, it is extremely easy to use the app as all you need to do is install it on your computer and you are good to go. For more detailed steps, just refer to How to Screen Mirroring with AnyTrans >

The Bottom Line

There are various uses of screen mirroring on iPhone such as you can use it for your presentations, tutorials, and so on. The feature works on most devices out there which is a really good thing. And in the cases where it does not work, you have a great alternative available to use.

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