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Part 2. Alternative Way to Play Offline Spotify Music in Streamlabs OBS

📈 If you’re a streamer looking to increase your revenue, Streamloots is what you’re looking for! Register for free right now at yo. As Streamlabs OBS is based on the original OBS Studio software, the options available to change your stream settings are similar. To bring up the settings, press the gear icon in the bottom left of. All of the streams that you regularly watch, use a software called either OBS or Streamlabs. There are many others on the market which are similar, but most people prefer these, as they are the industry standard for streaming. Nevertheless, production and maintinence of the stream is key. Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free cloud-based live streaming software for Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook.

You have now learned how to add Spotify music to Streamlabs OBS, but be careful that you are not allowed to stream copyright-protected music unless you get permission. If not, your channel would probably receive warnings and be banned for a while. For some copyright-free and royalty-free music on Spotify, you can go search 'StreamBeats' for some completely free music and use them on your stream.

If you are a long time Spotify user, you may know that only Spotify Premium users are allowed to download playlists for offline listening. We are here to introduce an alternative way to add Spotify music to Streamlabs OBS for offline playback using the Spotify free account to avoid any possible streaming problem. Firstly, you will need a professional tool named AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Windows.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter is capable of downloading all Spotify contents with original quality preserved and save them in common audio formats. It can run at 5X speed to help you download Spotify songs to computer, and keep all ID3 tag information such as title, album cover, artist, genre, etc., so when you add them to Streamlabs OBS as a media source, all this info will be displayed when streaming.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter

  • Losslessly remove limitations from Spotify track/album/playlist
  • Download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • Work at 5X speed and available to define output music parameters
  • Play Spotify on Streamlabs OBS or other streaming software offline
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How to Play Spotify on Streamlabs OBS without Spotify Premium

Without further ado, let's download the AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your desktop and dive into this.

Step 1Add Spotify music to AudFree
When you open the AudFree Spotify converting tool, the Spotify app will launch itself so you can directly drag and drop music from Spotify to AudFree's main interface. Or, you can copy the URL of Spotify music and paste it to the search box of AudFree.Then hit the '+' button to load music into AudFree software.
Step 2Customize output settings for Streamlabs OBS
Now please go to Menu from the upper-right corner to open the setting window. Click Convert and here you can set Spotify music output format, or customize the bite rate, sample rate, etc. according to your needs.

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Step 3Download Spotify music for offline playback
When all settings are saved, please click the Convert tab at the bottom-right corner and all added Spotify music will be downloaded and converted at fast speed. Once finish, you can check the downloaded Spotify music in the converted history list.

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Step 4Play Spotify music offline on Streamlabs OBS
Similar to the steps in Part 1, click the '+' button under Sources, and select Media Source. Choose the music files you have just downloaded using the AudFree Spotify Music Converter to add Spotify to Streamlabs OBS. Enjoy Spotify music streaming on your channel with your audience!

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Whenever I record anything with stream labs obs it runs smoothly but I have one problem. My recordings go to my captures folder but there are no videos inside the folder. Here's a gif showing what's happening, https://gyazo.com/e2052c3dedf728cad5eca798d2c5d2d7. Recently I did change my regular obs (not streamlabs obs) to my d drive to try and make it run better but after that I wasn't able to open obs. I then merged my d drive with my c drive and ever since then, every time I've downloaded obs nothing has worked, its never opened. I'm not sure if that may be contributing to why nothing is recording in streamlabs obs but it could be.