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Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was born on June 5, 1991 and is a full-time Twitch streamer and content creator on Youtube. Ninja started as a professional FPS player in Halo, H1Z1 & PUBG but has now moved on to focus on Fortnite. Ninja’s Fortnite Settings are close to average and a great starting point. Ninja has been credited with helping shape the evolving esports streaming industry. He’s considered to be one of the first full-time celebrity gamers and in 2019, he even made Time‘s list of.

The popular Twitch streamer and YouTube streamer Ninja has gained even more interactions than LeBron James himself and is reported as one of the top earning streamers of today. There's a lot of things that fans know about him but to the general audience, it's hard to understand who Richard Tyler Blevins or Ninja really is.

Before going into things that most people don't know, there's always the initial question to get people interested and that question is 'how much is Ninja worth?' The answer to this question, as reported by EssentiallySports is that he is estimated to be worth $15-20 million!

Here are 5 facts you probably didn't know about Ninja:

1. Ninja first game was 'Halo 3'


According to, Ninja initially started with a classic game that most professional FPS gamers have probably dipped into, 'Halo 3'. This could even be referred to as the start of his career as a professional gamer back in 2009.

2. Ninja's previous work

According to the Richard Tyler Blevins LinkedIn page, he used to work at Noodles & Company back in May 2008 up to September 2011 for 3 years and 5 months. The title on his LinkedIn page says he was the Cashier/Saute/Prep/Bus/Garnish.

3. Ninja hates Tfue?


An article by Looper shows the long feud between the two gamers. Things reportedly got up to the point that Tfue even challenged Ninja to a MMA fight. Although there's really no report as to what happened then, it can be seen that both of the gamers were strongly against each other.


4. What GPU does Ninja use?

Ninja Streamer Mouse

Although the Twitch streamer might have upgraded his hardware over the years, an article by PatchesSoft notes that Ninja uses a EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC Ultra Gaming. With the Nvidia RTX 3090 already out, it is still unknown as to whether or not Ninja is using the latest GPUs.

5. Ninja sings his song?

Ninja has a YouTube video where he actually sings his own raps which was described by some as 'cringey' but still, a lot of his followers thought it was hilarious. Being one of the most popular streamers as of the moment, doing wacky things don't really get hidden from his fans.

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Ninja estimated monthly income

There is a lot more to know about Ninja but so far, here are the details that not a lot of people might not know about the 29 year old streamer. Despite being quite controversial as of late, the streamer is still able to rake in an estimate of $500,000 to $700,000 a month.

Of course, it's hard to factor in the sponsorship deals that he gets with the companies that he is representing as of the moment. An accurate estimation of just how much Ninja is worth as of the moment is kind of hard to give since he could be worth more or less than the estimate.

Ninja Streamer Health

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