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(keep in mind, most of my spec-specific Icons you can see on my stream are „tell me when”, not WA’s!)

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Moonkin WA’s:

* Astral Power bar:

Raiding WA’s



Mythic+ WA’s :

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Naguura No Makeup

Tell Me When

Moonkin and Restoration Tell me when string:

Hunter Tell me when string:



My whole UI:
* read instructions below!

Naguura Pics

Specific addon settings (this is all included in „My whole UI”)

My Elvui Profile:

Naguura youtube

My Grid2 Settings:

How to install my UI:

* Download and open up „Nagura UI” and open your own wow folder, then first off you should copy your WTF folder and your Interface folder and save it somewhere on your pc (if you dont like my UI anymore you can just copy your old settings back)
* then you copy my interface folder (Nagura UI => Interface) into your wow folder and replace yours
* then you copy my WTF folder (Nagura UI => WTF) into your wow folder and replace yours
* then you open up the WTF folder you just pasted into your wow folder => account => rename „Accountname” to your accountname (you can check your accountname in your WTF that you saved somewhere on your pc, so WTF => account => look for your accountname, copy that name) => rename „Realmname” to your realms name => rename „Moonkin and Resto” to your Druids name (copy that folder and rename into your other characters names if you want to use it for multiple characters)
* and then u have to go ingame and import all my settings, first u type /ec => profiles copy from „nagura-twisting nether”
* then u go to /tmw options and go to profiles and import mine (nagura twisting nether)
* then u probably have to disable elvui nameplates
* if any other addon settings arent as mine, then go to that addons settings and look for my profile (nagura-twisting nether)

If you want any of my tell me when settings from non-druid characters, check above for „tell me when” strings, everything else is the same as my druids.

Remember to update addons yourself before you log on!

My resolution is 1080p and my UI Scaling is on 1! (System => Advanced => UI Scale => 1)

and that should be it!

Naguura Weak Auras

How to install specific addon settings:

Naguura Twitch

* For the evlui profile open the pastebin link, copy everything and type /ec ingame => profiles => import profile => paste