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Enterprise password management stores credentials for every application, regardless of whether those applications support the protocols or not. Check out the LastPass App Catalog: Any application that supports SAML or LDAP protocols can be supported with LastPass SSO. LastPass is also pre-integrated with over 1,200 applications.

  • Select the Vault Menu icon in the upper-left of the screen, then go to Settings Your LastPass Account. You can view your account email address and account type. If desired, select Account Settings to change your Master Password.
  • LastPass will generate a CSV list with all of your info and display it in your browser tab. Depending on which password manager you're moving to, you can either leave that tab open and copy/paste.

Requesting a Master Password reset for your LastPass Enterprise account

If you are unable to recover your LastPass Master Password using the self-service recovery options and you are a LastPass Enterprise user, contact the DoIT Help Desk to request a Master Password reset. In order for this to option to be available, you must have recently logged into your Vault using a LastPass browser extension.

If you are a LastPass Premium or LastPass Free user, you will have to reset your LastPass account via: Please note, this will preserve your LastPass account, but erase the contents of your LastPass Vault. You will need to resave your passwords and secure notes.

Please Note: Master Password recovery is not applicable for LastPass Enterprise accounts using NetID Login. Also, LastPass (LogMeIn) cannot reset or recover a forgotten Master Password.

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