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Some players including me can not change avatar photos. Always an error when trying to replace it. I've tried the solution offered from the Moonton, but still can not to change the profile picture. Please Moonton to fix this bug.

1. I try tochange avatar photo

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Click avatar photo

2018-3-22 10:06 AM Upload

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choose mothod

2018-3-22 10:07 AM Upload

3. I'm using gallery to find the photo you want to use

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Crop photo

2018-3-22 10:08 AM Upload

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Confirm to change

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6. Can not.

I've tried the solution offered from the Moonton, but still can not to change the profile picture. Please Moonton to fix this bug.

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Not replaceable

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Id (server): 132608459 (2661)
Nick name game: я thσrwαѕhєrє
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About me

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Make your own Mobile Legends inspired gaming logo in just a few clicks using Placeit's Online Logo Maker. To create a logo, pick a template that you like and customize it. Once you love the result, download your logo and use it anywhere you want! 'Making a logo with Placeit was just what I wanted, it was fast and even fun.”. We will try to make the laning more clear and provide choices other than the 1-3-1 laning. We will open the 'Reforge Your Legend' event to let our players vote for the future revamp heroes. For more contents and details, we will introduce them in the future.

Magic Chess is an Auto Chess game developed by Moonton. Game one has unique excitement when playing it. Now in Magic Chess there are 6 best Commander that you can use in Magic Chess. On this occasion, we will explain some of the best commanders that you can buy in the game Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

Ml Avatar Logo Claude - Create a professional avatar logo in minutes with our free avatar logo maker. Original Resolution: 1024x880 px Claude Plunderous Pirate Survey Mobile Legends Amino Amino - 500+ vectors, stock photos & psd files. Create your avatar. You can make your avatar and use it in any way that you please, so long as it is for your personal use. If you are a Patreon supporter, you may have your avatar featured in the game. In that case, you would need to record the digits above it and give it to us. More information is available here. Made in Spain, by Magicnuts! I already reported my problem about my avatar that automatically banned for 30 days and they unbanned my avatar. But when I uploaded new avatar it automatically banned again for 30 days. What should I do? Can they make some follow ups on this issue? Can I still change my avatar without automatically banned?

Commander serves as a character who can develop strategy in the game Magic Chess mobile legends. There are some of the best commanders with different skills. So, which one is the best?

You can try the best commander in magic chess mobile legends. Who are the commanders, you can see below:

  1. Benny
  2. Eggie
  3. Abe
  4. Remy


Benny is the newest Commander in Magic Chess. Commander One has pretty good abilities.


Freezing Trap: Benny creates a trap that can freeze enemies within seconds of a stage.

King of Beasts: Benny summons a creep during the match. So that you can get additional heroes to enjoy the game.

Hunter Instinct: Benny will copy a title which will be placed in the middle of the party. This trap gives da, additional mage to enemy heroes who pass through.


The next best commander is eggie. For those of you Diggie users, you may be familiar with this commander.

Eggie is a character that looks like a baby bird in a newly hatched egg. You can use Eggie as the best commander in Magic Chess.


Exonomize: Eggie can speed up your Gold earning when playing by 15%. This skill is certainly unique enough so that you get rich quick.

Heat of Battle: When you get 2x winstar, this effect will give you additional gold to upgrade the commander from 3 to 5.

Fortune: When Commander Level reaches 8, use the fortune to get 1 chess spoins equipment and 1 crystal spoil chest.



Abe is a commander in the form of a panda. Unlike Akia, Abe looks cute and adorable.


Anger: After winning the round, 4 additional damage will be added to the opponent’s little commander.

Deadly Strik: After the stage progress is complete, each win will inflict additional damage to the opponent’s littel commander as much as 25 $ Hp of the current target.

Mobile Legends Avatar Maker

Cohesiveness: During the round. All heroes will deal 2 additional damage to the commander. This effect has a cooldown of 4 rounds once.


Remy is a commander in the form of a rabbit. He is a formidable commander with the following abilities.


Money Grubber: Remy will randomly get 1 to 4 additional gold. This effect has a cooldown every 4 rounds.

Finance Genius: Remy will get 1 more interest when she has 10 gold. This interest has a maximum effect of 4 times.

Mobile Legends Avatar Maker Game

Gold Life: Remy will sacrifice 5 HP to increase gold by 3.5. This effect has a cooldown every 3 rounds. This skill can be used when the commander’s HP is lower than 10.

Those are some of the best commanders in Magic Chess. Who is your favorite commander of choice? Using a commander equipped with unique skill abilities can make your battles in Magic Chess even fiercer. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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