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Megadeth Endgame PDF. Try to emulate Mustaine’s guitar shredding with these note-for-note transcriptions of Megadeth’s latest chart-topping release. Endgame is the twelfth studio album by the American heavy metal band Megadeth. There are eleven tracks on the album, with lyrics inspired by subjects ranging from The Lord of the Rings and the Financial crisis of 2007–2010, to insanity, torture and crime.

Songs include:

Megadeth Songbook
  • Dialectic Chaos
  • This Day We Fight!
  • 44 Minutes
  • 1.320
  • Bite The Hand
  • Bodies
  • Endgame
  • The Hardest Part Of Letting Go…Sealed With a Kiss
  • Head Crusher
  • How The Story Ends
  • The Right To Go Insane

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Megadeth Peace Sells Songbook Pdf

Format: PDF, 130 pagesDownload Megadeth – Endgame Guitar Tab Songbook free and other lessons from our site