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Size based prices are, sometimes, too much for a simple logo. The number of stitches varies logo to logo; a 3” round logo with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches. How do our competitors calculate the cost? Do you think they (custom patch maker) would base the cost on 15,000 stitches?

Luxury Black Logo is great if you're working in Fashion, Creativity, Apparel, Clothing, Boutique industries. Use this template to create a logo for your business or team

Logo design ideas by industry

  1. BrandCrowd's Logo Maker helps you create your own logo design. Browse thousands of logo designs and use our maker to create your very own logo!
  2. Like most high-end items, a luxury logo takes time to craft correctly. So, before you start designing, take some time to study the masters of this logo style. Explore our curated collection of logos from businesses across the luxury goods and services sector, to see how others are creating an elegant impression for their brand.
  3. Luxury logo maker - (Page 2) Get a Luxury logo design in a jiffy using our free logo generator. All you have to do is select your favorite Luxury logo template, add your business name, and customize fonts and colors to your brand needs.
  4. Customize this Initials Luxury Logo online with our free logo maker software. Make your own Alphabet Logo templates with our logo maker.

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Custom Patches No Minimum with Velcro/Iron on. Embroidered, PVC, Leather & Woven Patches! RUSH Delivery, Free Ship, 30% Off to Resellers. Send Logo for Quote!

You can order just 1 or 2 embroidered patches. We make patches for brands, Police uniforms, Sports uniforms, & Fire department. We also make dye sublimated (printed) patches, and woven labels



We have in-house design studio to digitize logo for custom patches. We do logo digitizing for patches, quickly.


We have graphic designers to create new artwork or modification in the existing one for custom patches.


Avail 30% discount on your embroidered patches orders if you are a member of SAGE, ASI & PPAI.


We make pre-production samples for approval; we keep making changes until you are fully satisfied.


We calculate prices based on the stitches in an embroidery design (The min is 10K). So, you pay as you go.


If you find errors in the patches you get (not as described in the approval form), we will redo or refund.


Looking for a patch creator that can make a patch for your jacket? You found us! We do Custom Patches No Minimum.


We digitize each logo we get for price quotes; we send a digital proof with each embroidered patch quote.


Have a question related prices or turnaround? Email us (click here) or call our toll-free +1 (888) 976-8033


Free DHL Express shipping to the US, the UK, Western Europe, Japan, and big cities in Canada & Australia.


15 working days turnaround after approval. RUSH 3-Day turnaround for embroidered patches (add. fee).

Who We Are

Houston Embroidery Service was established in 2008. We offer custom patches no minimum. We provide all type of patches and labels; we work for promotional companies, advertising and marketing agencies, uniform manufacturers, other custom embroidery companies, and distributors of PPAI, ASI, and SAGE. We help our customers to decide a logo size, thread and material colors, pick a right backing method, create a new artwork or modify an existing one. We are the largest custom patch maker in the State; we also supply leather labels. We are easy to work with; we have email and phone support. We follow your instructions to make your patches and labels. Stop googling “custom patches no minimum” and send your logo to us.

Why Houston Embroidery Service?


The answer is so simple, “We can do anything and everything for you.” We are a full-service custom patch maker with years of experience. We have worked with every industry and all kinds of businesses and organizations. We provide whatever you need with your custom made patches like merrowed border (merrow border), hot-cut border (satin-stitch border). We make patches with iron on backing, Velcro backing, self-adhesive backing, plastic lamination backing, button loops, and other backing and attachment options. We have in-house design studio where we digitize your logos for custom patches embroidery. If you need just one patch, no issues! We offer custom patches no minimum.

Leading Embroidered Patches Supplier

We make custom patches for Police, Firefighters, and EMS. We also create custom patches for sport teams, hospitals, labs, schools, and restaurants. These very nice embroidered patches are perfect for caps with an NFL or NBA logo. They are also favorite among bikers. Everybody can have the attractive custom patch on their uniform. Got a shirt or jacket? We can create a custom patch just for you. This promotes your brand identity. It works great for businesses at trade shows. Your custom patch lets other business people know who you are, leading to more contacts and successes. Most patch suppliers don’t offer custom patches no minimum, but we do.

Stitch-count Based Prices

Unlike other embroidery services, we use the stitch-count based pricing method. It makes lots of sense when you use “pay as you go” pricing calculator. Size based prices are, sometimes, too much for a simple logo. The number of stitches varies logo to logo; a 3” round logo with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches.

How do our competitors calculate the cost? Do you think they (custom patch maker) would base the cost on 15,000 stitches?

Absolutely NOT! They always base their prices on the higher stitch-count.

Isn’t it unfair for you? If so, stop being charged unfairly, TODAY!

Luxury Logo Designs


We do Custom Patches No Minimum

Yes, this is 100% true!

If you need just one custom embroidered patch for your personal use, you are at the right place. We take orders for Custom Patches No Minimum!

Excellent Custom Patches has its one embroidery machines; that’s why we are able to offer our customer the flexibility to order custom patches no minimum. Here at Excellent Custom Patches, you can order one, five or ten patches for your own need.

How to Order

Step 1. A buyer sends their logo artwork; mentioned the required quantity, size, backing option (Velcro or Iron on), and other details for a price quote.

Step 2. We digitize/design* the logo and send back a virtual proof, and the price quote. We also mention the delivery time.
Since we use stitch-count based pricing method, we need to digitize your logo to get its stitch count in order to give you an accurate price quote.

Step 3. The buyer approves the given price quote and makes the full payment in advance.

Step 4. We produce a sample for the final approval; we send a form with a photo of the pre-production sample.

Step 5. The buyer signs the approval form and sends back to us.

Step 6. We run the production and dispatch the order in the given time; we use DHL that takes 3-4 days to deliver in the US.

Note: the ordering process will remain the same even you buy custom patches no minimum.

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Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are our specialty. We make custom embroidered patches, custom iron on patches, and custom Velcro patches for promotional companies, advertising agencies, signs and graphics companies, embroidery and screen printing companies, SAGE distributors, ASI distributors, PPAI distributors, and local retailers from the 50 states. Custom made patches is a very popular way for branding and personalizing. Custom patches save money and wardrobe’s space. You can use custom Velcro patches for one occasion or two. Embroidered letters mostly applied on a special fleece jacket called letterman jacket to show accomplishment and achievement. Embroidered letters had been created using chenille embroidery, but nowadays we create embroidered letters on modern embroidery machines. Many motorcyclists use custom rocker patches on their leather jackets. Custom rocker patches also look good on leather vests.

Who uses Embroidered Patches?

Custom embroidered patches (also called embroidery applique) are used in Army uniforms, Police uniforms, Firefighter uniforms, Military uniforms, Scouts uniforms, Restaurant uniforms, Flight crew uniforms, Medical uniforms (including EMT uniforms), Security uniforms, and all other Work uniforms. To fulfill the demand, we offer custom military Velcro patches, tactical hat Velcro patches, girl scout emblems, security Velcro emblems, uniform patches, embroidered letters for letterman jacket, and big badges for jackets. Motorcycle clubs use custom motorcycle vest patches. Individuals use custom morale patches or army morale patches to support the Army. Bikers use club patches and custom rocker patches to promote their motorcycle clubs. Golfer use bag patches on their golf bags.

Embroidered Patches for Uniforms

Moreover, embroidered badges are used in Football uniforms, Baseball uniforms, Baseball uniforms, Ice Hockey uniforms, Soccer uniforms, golf shirts, golf hats, baseball caps, golf bags, and so on. There are about 500 large motorcycle gangs and 2,500 smaller in the US. Almost every Motorcyclist wears a leather jacket or a vest, decorated with their club’s logo. They use custom embroidered patches, since they are affordable, customized, and easy to remove or replace. Uniform rental services love custom Velcro patches. Their clients need uniforms on temporarily basis and they use custom Velcro patches. Pet care businesses use dog Velcro patches on their staff’s uniforms. Like any other businesses, motorcycle clubs have their own uniforms, leather jackets and vest. Their “business” is to ride a motorcycle. They use custom rocker patches to display their club names.

Embroidered Patches for Branding

The embroidered patch is a great product to customize your caps with an NFL or NBA logo. This is an easy option to uniform your restaurant staff members. If you are attending a business conference or a trade show with your office colleagues, you can put a custom branded patch on your shirt or jacket to let the other business people know who you are and what organization you represent. We offer DIY embroidered patch; it is easy to make your own clothing labels when you work with us. Individuals also need DIY embroidered patches for their own personal “brand”. Custom Velcro patches are ideal for temporarily branding.

Embroidered Patches VS. Printed Patches VS. Woven Patches

A small logo with a lot of graphics and small lettering is not recommended or suitable for embroidery. Dye sublimated patch is good to accommodate such details. It is digitally printed and has a border. Please click here to explore our printed patch. Woven patches are also good substitute for embroidered patches. Some people do not like printed patches on their shirts; they prefer something made of fabric. We recommend them woven patches. They are similar to embroidered patches. They come with the same backing options as other custom patches. Please click here for more details. All three types of patches can be done as custom Velcro patches.

Embroidered Patches VS. Direct Embroidery

Embroidered patches are better than direct embroidery on shirts or jackets; the cost is much higher for direct embroidery because the labor and other cost are much higher in the US as compared to China or India. We do our manufacturing in China; therefore, we offer relatively low prices to our US customers. An embroidered shirt or cap designed for one event cannot be used on another one, because the embroidered logo is non-removable. You need a new shirt/cap for every event if you go with direct embroidery method.


Custom Embroidered Patches

Q: What are custom embroidered patches?

A: Custom embroidered patches are used to design your clothing. They are created using embroidery machines that use materials like threads of different colors. It can be a logo, a theme or an emblem.

Q: When you say clothing, what exactly do you mean?

A: Custom embroidered emblems can be used in Army uniforms, Police uniforms, Firefighter uniforms, Military uniforms, Scouts uniforms, Restaurant uniforms, Flight crew uniforms, Medical uniforms (including EMT uniforms), Security uniforms, and all other Work uniforms. They can also be used to decorate a shirt, cap, jacket, backpack and many more clothing articles.

Q: How these custom embroidered patches are attached to the clothing?

A: With techniques known as backing options, the patches can be attached via the iron on backing option, Velcro or they can also be sewn on.

Q: Why should I use custom embroidered patches?

A: Apart from being a great way to customize your apparels, it is a favorite way of personalizing and branding.

Q: So, what if I want an embroidered patch? How can I get just one?

A: Either do it yourself, or you visit our website to learn how you can place an order. When you place an order with us, we also send the instructions “how to apply.” custom embroidered patches.

Q: How much do I have to pay for the custom embroidered patches?

A: Being the best source for custom embroidered patches in Texas, we offer custom embroidered emblems at reasonable prices. So, you do not have to worry about being over-priced.

Q: How can I find custom embroidered patches near me?

A: This depends, to an extent, on the area in which you live. You can look for a clothing store and ask, or you can simply send your artwork, and we will gladly be of help.

Sublimated (Printed) Patches

Q: How printed patches are made?

A: Printed patches involve printing a photograph, design, or text onto a blank piece of fabric then attaching it to the garment. We use dye sublimation method to produce our printed patches.

Q: What are the advantages of using printed patches?

A: Apart from being washable, they are also fade-proof. It is also the best option if you are looking to achieve photographic realism.

Woven Patches

Q: How woven patches are made?

A: Woven patches are made with thin and fine threads. This method makes them different from other forms of labels and patches. We suggest woven patches when we are unable to get tiny details in custom embroidered patches.

Q: What logos can be done as woven patches?

A: Because thinner threads and yarns are used, woven patches can be used to create badges, patches, or emblems that contain a high number of letters and tiny details.

Q: What do I need to get printed/custom embroidered patches for myself?

A: Visit this page to know more about custom embroidered patches. Also, you can send us your logo artwork with specs so that we can assist you, quickly.

Q: What makes woven patches different from the rest?

A: They are more comfortable than the custom embroidered patches or printed patches. They are also inexpensive when producing in large quantities.

Woven Labels

Q: What kinds of materials and methods are used to make woven labels?

A: There are different kinds of threads used in woven labels. Common weaving methods are taffeta woven labels, satin woven labels, and damask woven labels.

Q: Where can I use woven labels?

A: They are used in almost every article of clothing; t-shirts, jackets, trousers, pants, dresses, caps, and all other clothing articles.

PVC Patches

Q: What are the PVC patches?

A: PVC, made out of polyvinyl chloride, is a soft and adaptable plastic that can be molded to any shape and dyed to any color or shade, making it one of the most commonly used synthetic materials. The PVC patches are made of “PVC”

Q: PVC patches or woven labels: Which ones should I use?

A: PVC material allows you to create detailed designs in either 2D or 3D while woven labels cannot do that. Because of the molds that PVC patches require, they are more expensive to make than other kinds of patches, including printed patches.


Q: What kind of backing options can be used with PVC patches?

Free Luxury Logo Maker

A: First, the iron-on option is not advisable. Velcro and peel and stick are two good options to apply PVC patches; you can also sew them on using a sewing machine.

Q: Where can I buy PVC patches?

A: Whether you are purchasing PVC patches or other kinds of patches, visit this page to have all the answers (and also advice) to your buying questions for PVC patches.

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Leather Patches

Q: What is so Special about leather patches?

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A: Because the use of leather signals some form of superiority, leather helps you convey a message of authority and excellence.

Q: Can I use all backing options with leather patches?

A: For leather patches, you can use sew-on option, Velcro backing, and iron-on backing.

Q: On what part of the garment/shoe/bag are leather patches applied?

A: They are mostly sewn on the visible part of the garment/shoe/bag, where they can help you and your brand get all the attention that it needs.

Q: How many types of leather patches are there?

A: There are two types, namely embossed leather patches and embroidered leather patches. One gives a burnt look while the other gives the impression that the patch has been sown by hand tailoring.

Q: What is the difference between leather patches and PVC patches?

A: Leather patches, because of their toughness, tend to last long. PVC patches are suitable for those who want to concentrate on the details of the badge or emblem. With PVC, you can make 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional designs.

Backing and Attachment Options

Q: What are the backing and attachment options for embroidered, printed, woven patches?

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A: Iron on and Velcro both are suitable attachment options for these three types of patches: embroidered, printed, woven patches. Patches with iron on backing are not suitable for 100% polyester, nylon, satin, leather, and other similar material.

Q: What are the backing and attachment options for leather and PVC patches?

Since both materials are heat sensitive, iron on backing is not an option. We recommend sew on and Velcro attachment.

Q: What are the backing and attachment options for woven labels?

A: Woven labels are mostly attached by a sewing machine; we call them sew on labels. They rarely attached by iron on or Velcro backing.

Q: What are sew on patches or labels and what backing do they come with?

A: Sew on patches and labels are attached using a sewing machine. For sew on patches, we do not add anything especial; sometimes, plastic lamination film is attached at the backside of the patches to restrict bending.