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LosslessCut is a video editing tool focused on frame trimming to remove all those parts of the footage that are useless or that you want to omit from the final video. With this program you can make sure you get the perfect clip, removing everything you don't want including every last minute detail and frame that doesn't belong. Sep 11, 2020 General speaking, Joyoshare VidiKit (originally Joyoshare Media Cutter) is an easy-to-use yet professional video cutter free tool. It aims to cut large video and audio files to smaller segments with lossless quality at a super faster speed, up to 60X.

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LosslessCut is a simple, Open Source, cross-platform video editor for lossless trimming and cutting of videos. This utility is useful for rough processing large video files captured with video cameras, drones, GoPro, etc. You will be able to quickly pull out the good parts of a video and disregard the rest without losing a bit of quality. There are numerous video converters available out there that can trim a wide range of video formats, but require third-party codecs to convert video files in order to crop the videos. Free Video Dub is an application to edit AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, MOV, M4V, MPG, FLV, and MPEG 1 & MPEG 2 including both transport and program stream without. Ranked among the best YouTube video downloader and trimmer, YT Cutter is quite.

MIT License / Donationware

Trim or cut video files via a minimalist graphical user interface, without wasting time to decode the data, by taking advantage of the ffmpeg capabilities

What's new in LosslessCut 3.36.0:

  • Allow arbitrarily selecting which segments to export - fixes #682 #358
  • Add context menu to segments (right click) #392
  • Double click segment to jump to cut start #392
  • Implement drag drop sort #392
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Extracting only the sequence of interest from a large video recording can prove to be quite time-consuming without the proper tools.

LosslessCut is a video editing tool that relies on the open source ffmpeg project to deal with the video decoding and aims to help you trim and cut unwanted video content from your recordings with ease.

Video processing utility that relies on open source projects for the decoding and playback

Right off the bat, LosslessCut scans you Mac in order to determine where is your ffmpeg installation. The process occurs in the background, so you are simply greeted by a minimalist window on top of which you must drop the video you want to process.

Since LosslessCut relies on Chromium and HTML5 for the playback, note that you cannot work with all the file formats that are supported by ffmpeg. However, the app can process popular formats, such as OGG, MP3, AAC, MP4, MOV, MKV, WAV, and so on.

Review the video content and cut or trim the unwanted sequences

Within the LosslessCut main window you get to play the entire video and review its content. The app will detect the video format on its own (you get to see it in the bottom right corner of the main window) and also allows you to adjust the playback speed.

LosslessCut includes intuitive buttons for controlling the playback: play and pause, jump to the start or the end of the video, or jump backwards or forward a couple of frames. You can also see details about the playback time, and you can use the cursor to jump to a particular time.

Note that you can set the start and end time for the cutting process, and then click on the scissors button to perform the task. The output video will be exported to the desktop, but keep in mind that the original files remain intact.

Cut and trim unwanted video content via a minimalist and intuitive GUI

Bottom line, LosslessCut reduces the video cutting and trimming processes to simple actions: just load the video, preview the content, and cut the portion that you don’t need.

Note that LosslessCut can also grab a screenshot of the current frame: the image will be sent to your desktop as a JPG file.

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Lossless Cut Videos

Lossless Cut Video
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