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What is LastPass Workstation Login?

Lastpass Workstation Login

  • LastPass Password Manager Related Information. Password Manager (LastPass) UW-IT Service Catalog. Password Manager (LastPass) LastPass Enterprise is a UW CISO approved browser-based password management tool. All Managed Workstation customers are now eligible to use LastPass Enterprise.
  • To install LastPass Workstation Login for Windows, do the following: Run the LastPassLoginSetup.msi file to launch the installer. Check the box for approval of the software license agreement, then click Install. You have successfully installed LastPass Workstation Login for Windows.

Managed Workstation is deploying LastPass Enterprise, a password management system, which is now available on an opt-in basis. Managed Workstation has purchased LastPass Enterprise for all Managed Workstation users. LastPass helps improve password management practices by: securely storing and generating complex passwords.


Go Passwordless

Workstation Login for LastPass enables users to authenticate into their workstations, or work computers, using the LastPass MFA app.

Lastpass Workstation Login Portal

As opposed to entering a traditional username and password to log into their workstation, Workstation Login supports the following login methods (if policies permit) when logging in to a Windows or Mac workstation:

LastpassLoginPasswordless solutions

Passwordless Solutions

  • Using facial recognition or fingerprint identification (biometric authentication) or a pattern to authenticate in the LastPass MFA app.
  • Using a One-Time Passcode, which is generated within the LastPass MFA app on a registered device.