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How do I grant users or groups access permissions for shared folders?


Lastpass Share Document

Share password entries and secure notes with other LastPass users by creating a shared folder in the Sharing Center. Alternatively you can convert an existing folder to a shared folder as well. Depending on your LastPass account type your ability to perform these actions may be limited or prohibited. Password sharing with LastPass is quick and convenient, and keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest changes. Share one login or many No matter how many logins need to be shared, LastPass makes it easy to share credentials with others. You can share an item (e.g., username, password, Secure Note, etc.) with another LastPass user by using the Sharing Center to notify your recipient, which will then allow them to accept the shared information. If you change your mind after you've shared an item – don't worry!

Once you have assigned your user and group memberships to your shared folder, you can grant access permissions for each.

  1. A shared folder is a special folder in your Vault that you can use to securely and easily share site password entries and secure notes with other LastPass users. Changes to the shared folder are synchronized automatically to everyone with whom the folder has been shared.
  2. How To Revoke Access To An Account Shared to Us via LastPass. When you no longer want our team to have access to a shared password you can revoke the access from your own LastPass dashboard. Log in to LastPass. Click on Sharing Center in the left hand menu. Click on Shared with Others on the tabs across the top.
  1. Log in to LastPass and access your Vault by doing either of the following:
    • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon , then select Open My Vault.
    • Go to and log in with your email address and Master Password.
  2. Select Sharing Center in the left navigation.
  3. Hover over your desired shared folder and click Manage.
  4. Choose from the following permissions for each user:
    Read Only
    Prohibits the user or group from adding/removing items to/from a shared folder. It also prevents them from saving any updated username, password or Secure Note information to the folder. However, we cannot block the update from transpiring at the Site level. This option could, therefore, result in a lockout by the rest of the team
    Tip: It is our recommendation that you articulate a 'no update' policy outside of LastPass and that you do not select 'Read Only' as the permission option. If the user still updates the credentials, then the change will save back to LastPass, and the event will be captured in the reports so that you are able to track it back to the owner.
    Grants the user equal admin rights over the shared folder, including adding and removing users and restricting access to individual site passwords in the folder. Please note that a shared folder admin is not the same role as a LastPass admin. Learn more about the shared folder options available to LastPass admins.
    Hide Passwords
    Prohibits the user from seeing the credentials. They will be able to utilize the tools via Autofill or Autologin, but they will be unable to see the actual credentials. Learn more about hidden passwords.
    Note: Notes do not offer the ability to hide the password from the recipient of a shared item.
    No access
    Users do not have access to any items in this shared folder.
    Note: This option is only available for LastPass Families accounts.
  5. Once you have made your desired selections, click Save.

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The users and/or groups will be granted the permissions that you designated for your shared folder.
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Lastpass Shared

This article applies to: Secure Password Management

The information here applies to both the native, manual Shared Folder feature and the CornellAD-enhanced, synchronized Shared Folder feature.

Lastpass Shared Folder

You must create a shared folder before you can specify users. Once you have done that, follow the steps listed here.

  1. In the LastPass browser extension, click Sharing Center in the left navigation.
  2. Click the Manage Shared Folders tab.
  3. Hover over the desired folder, then click Manage (which will appear over the folder icon when you hover). A Manage Shared Folder dialog box will open.
  4. On the left, under Invite Users or Groups, type the beginning of a person's NetID or name. Select their entry from the results. Their name will appear in the left column.
  5. Use the Permissions checkboxes to grant or restrict their level of access.
  6. Click Save.