Lastpass Password Forgot

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What If I Forgot My Password

Lastpass Password Forgot

How do I reset my Master Password using a Recovery One Time Password for LastPass?

LastPass sent all users an e-mail that said, “We wanted to alert you that, recently, our team discovered and immediately blocked suspicious activity on our network. No encrypted user vault data were taken, however other data, including email addresses and password reminders, was compromised. From LastPass FAQs: LastPass is never sent your Master Password, so we can't send it to you or reset it for you. Try logging into the website at https://lastpass.

A Recovery One Time Password is something that is created for you automatically when you log in to LastPass via the web browser extension, and is not something you can write down.

If you forgot your new password try these steps first. If you revert, you will lose sites added since your last master password change. You can also choose to revert email and PBKDF2 key iteration changes. For your security, you must verify that you have access to your email account. LastPass stores, on the server, a 'vault' which is a collection of data, encrypted with a key derived from the 'master password'. Let's call K that key. Normally, K is rebuild on the local computer by recomputing it from the master password. LastPass Premium is a simple, secure password manager that remembers all your passwords for you.To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee, simply cancel before the free-trial period.

When using this Master Password recovery method, the system emails you a link that provides you with the ability to reset your Master Passwordonly when used on the specific device and web browser it matches by using the Recovery One Time Password (which was created when you logged in to the LastPass web browser extension and stored invisibly in the browser).

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your email address, then click Continue.
  3. How you proceed depends on whether or not you previously enabled SMS recovery:
    • If you previously enabled SMS recovery to reset a forgotten Master Password, LastPass sends a 6-digit verification code to your mobile device. Enter the code, then click Verify, then proceed to Step #4.
    • If you did not enable SMS recovery but did enable a security email, LastPass will send an email to your secondary security email address (or your account email, if no secondary was set up), and you can continue by clicking the link in the email., then proceed to Step #4.
  4. Select Click to Recover Account.
  5. When prompted, click Yes to use a one-time password for account recovery.
  6. Click OK to proceed (if prompted that Account Recovery has been detected and that you must immediately change your Master Password).
    Troubleshooting: If you encounter a message that 'LastPass account recovery has failed because your current browser didn't save account recovery data on this computer' or that a 'Recovery One Time Password was not detected' try repeating these steps on another web browser where you have logged in to LastPass. For additional information, please see troubleshooting information here.
  7. Enter a new Master Password and a password hint (recommended), then click Confirm.
  8. Click OK to proceed with logging out.
  9. Log back in using your new Master Password.
You have successfully reset your Master Password.
What to do next: (Recommended)

It is strongly recommended that you perform the following steps immediately after updating your Master Password in order to create new Recovery One Time Passwords:

  1. Log out of LastPass on every computer and/or mobile device where you have installed and accessed your LastPass Vault. You can check your active sessions for all devices.
  2. Log back in with your new Master Password.
For each computer and/or device where this is done, a new Recovery One Time Password is created, which can be used for account recovery if your Master Password is ever forgotten. What to do next: (Optional)

Changing or resetting your Master Password will invalidate all one-time passwords that you generated before the change occurred (as it requires your Vault to be re-encrypted). This means that you will need to generate new OTPs after a Master Password change, as all OTPs you generated previously will no longer be listed. Learn how to generate new one-time passwords.

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Lastpass Forgot Password Delete Account


Reset a User's Master Password (Super Admin)

LastPass admins can enable the 'Permit super admins to reset Master Passwords' policy for their account to allow designated admins to reset a user's Master Password. Once enabled, user accounts will be able to have their Master Passwords reset as long as they have logged in to the LastPass web browser extension at least once.

Note: Existing users who are actively logged in will need to log out and log back in via the LastPass web browser extension before the reset option will become available to the admin. It is required that the user logs back in via the LastPass web browser extension only, as logging in via will not activate the Master Password reset option for the admin.
  1. Enable the 'Permit super admins to reset Master Passwords' policy.
  2. User logs in via the LastPass web browser extension, that activates the policy in Step 1.
    Note: At this point during the process, the listed super admin will have the option in the Admin Console to reset the Master Password for their selected user.
  3. Super admin resets the user's Master Password.
    Warning: When you reset a user's Master Password, any linked personal LastPass account of the user will automatically become delinked from their company LastPass account. If desired, the user can link their personal account again.
    Warning: If the user whose Master Password you are resetting is a federated user, they will be converted to a non-federated user account upon reset. Learn how they can become a federated user again without the risk of data loss.
    1. In the Admin Console, go to Users in the left menu.
    2. Click on the email address of the user, then click the More icon and select Reset Master Password.
    3. When prompted, click OK.
    4. Enter your own Master Password, then click Submit.
    5. Enter a new Master Password for the user, then re-enter it to confirm.
    6. Optional: If desired, you can click Change the user's email to also update their LastPass username.
    7. Optional: You can choose to uncheck the box to disable the Force password change on next login option, as it is enabled by default for security best practices.
    8. When finished, click Submit.
What to do nextWhat if i forgot my passwordPassword:
Important: If you have been added as a super admin in your account's policies and do not see the 'Super admin master password reset' option for a user, it may mean that the user has not yet logged out of their active LastPass session. You can force user log off, then advise them to log back in to their account via the LastPass web browser extension (not the website). Once they have done so, you can refresh the User page in the Admin Console and try again.
Important: If your LastPass Enterprise organization is using federated login to provision new users (using AD FS, Okta, or Azure AD), then the Master Password being used is the user's account password that is stored in their Active Directory. If a federated user's Master Password is reset, it will convert them to a non-federated user status upon reset. Learn how they can become a federated user again without the risk of data loss.
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