Lastpass Not Showing In Chrome

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  3. Lastpass Extension Not Showing In Chrome

These instructions will provide you with steps on how to enable the LastPass Extension, in your Chrome browser, after it has been deployed to your computer.

I thought it was my code, but nothing has changed. After looking around for a LONG time, I disabled the LastPass chrome extension, and the site was back to normal. Turn on LastPass, and it's back to lagging on load. Checking in debug in chrome, I noticed there are TONS of “Timer Fired: onloadwff.js:310” events in the logs. Directions: Acces the Settings of your Chrome Browser. Scroll down to click the Show Advanced Settings link Scroll to find the Web Content section Change the Font setting to Medium if it is set to a larger size. In this video, I'm going to show you how to fix the Unresponsive Lastpass Icon / Extension in Google Chrome.

Toolbar and select 'My LastPass Vault', a browser window opens with the message 'IE experienced an issue with loading a control. Opening your vault in a new tab usually fixes it.' The new window opens with LastPass vault blank and then immediately blanks and the message is repeated.

-Open the Chrome web broswer

- Click on the menu button in the upper right

- Click on More Tools

- Click on Extensions

In the new windows, locate the LastPass Extension Manager tile

- Slide the slider to the right to Enable


You will now see the LastPass icon popup in the upper right hand of Chrome

- Left click on the icon

- If prompted, Click on Sign-In at the bottom

- Enter in your Finn Partners email address for the email field

- Enter in your Master Password for Last Pass

Lastpass Not Showing In Chrome

- Click on Login

You will get a popup for Multi Factor Authentication before going any further

Depending on your setup and software, your next step will vary

- You will need to click Approve from the popup on your phone

The window will then disappear from the PC and you will be logged in

Lastpass Not Working With Edge

- You will need to enter in the Auth Code within the Authentication App on your phone.

Then hit Authenticate on the screen of the computer

- Click on Send SMS passcodes, to have a code sent to your phone to type in

Then hit Authenticate on the screen of the computer

The window will go away after you have authenticated and it will now be red instead of gray

Now that you are logged in, you can start using LastPass

- Left click on the LastPass button to expose the menu

An accidental outage was caused by LastPass yesterday by mistakenly removing the LastPass extension from the Chrome Web Store, leading to users seeing 404 errors when trying to download and install it on their devices.

'The LastPass extension in the Chrome Web Store was accidentally removed by us and we are working with the Google team to restore it ASAP,' LastPass Support today said in an update on Twitter. 'You can still access your Vault by signing in on our website.'

Lastpass Ext Not Working In Chrome

The LastPass extension's Chrome Web Store entry is still inaccessible, with users who try to access it still being instead served with 404 errors.

Yesterday's LastPass issues started with users reporting that they can't download the LastPass Chrome Extension and the company acknowledging the issue on the status website.

'The Network Operations Center is investigating reports that Chrome users are experiencing 404 errors when downloading the LastPass Chrome Extension,' the incident's initial description reads.

LastPass also advised users in a subsequent update, published one hour later, to use the Web Vault or the Mobile App, or even use LastPass with another browser of their choice until the problem is found and fixed.

Four hours later, the issue behind the extension download problems was identified, with the company blaming it on the accidental removing of the LastPass Chrome Extension from Google's Chrome Web Store.

While the unexpected and accidental remove led to hundreds if not thousands of reports from users, the ones who already had the extension installed were not affected by this incident.

As previously mentioned, LastPass' Chrome extension is not available in the store and users are advised to access their Vault by signing in on the LastPass website.

While some users feared that this outage was a sign of a security incident, LastPass Support said on Twitter that this is not the case and users wouldn't have to worry about their passwords or personal info getting leaked even if that was the case.

'Please note that all encryption and decryption occurs locally on your device, not on our servers,' LastPass further explained. 'We don’t have access to your sensitive data.'

Update January 23, 11:57 EST: The LastPass Chrome extension will be available again after clearing Google's Chrome Store review process.

Update January 23, 13:37 EST: LastPass PR Manager Lauren Christopherson sent the following statement to clarify that this is not a service outage:

I wanted to clarify, this is not an outage of the LastPass Chrome extension. As you know, it is temporarily unavailable to download, which will be resolved soon. We’re just waiting on Google to finalize their review and republish. Users can still access their vault via the website, other browser extensions, or mobile app.

Update January 23, 18:03 EST: The LastPass extension is available in the Chrome Web Store again.

RESOLVED: The LastPass Chrome extension has been restored:
Our apologies for any inconveniences caused, and thank you for your understanding and patience.

— LastPass Status (@LastPassStatus) January 23, 2020

Lastpass Extension Not Showing In Chrome

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