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Get Started with the LastPass Web Browser Extension

I really like LastPass’s browser extension. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and even Internet Explorer. The browser extension lets you use all of LastPass’s essential features — you can search your entire password vault, view all your stored items, add or edit entries, or launch a site. Turn on the LastPass extension today to speed up your mobile logins and make it easier to get into your accounts when you’re not using the LastPass app. You can access your vault directly from Safari, Chrome, or over 200 popular apps with the LastPass extension for iOS.

LastPass is an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure. LastPass 101: Browser Extension (01:40). Here is a quick look at the new 2020 LastPass browser extension updates.

For the most seamless experience, it is highly recommended that you download and use the LastPass web browser extension, which can be used for all of your password management needs without ever having to navigate away from the website you're visiting.

This extension offers:

  • Filling usernames and passwords automatically
  • Saving new passwords
  • Updating changes to existing passwords
  • Generating secure passwords on the spot
  • Adding and using form fill items (notes, addresses, payment cards, bank accounts, etc.)
  • Accessing your Vault instantly
  • Customizing settings and preferences

Step #1: Create your LastPass account

If you haven't already, create your LastPass account to establish a username and Master Password.

Lastpass Mobile Browser

Step #2: Download the LastPass web browser extension

Once your account has been created, you can download the web browser extension based on your desired preference:

  • Click Quick Install to download the extension instantly for the web browser you're actively using, OR
  • Click Download next to your preferred web browser, OR
  • Click Download next to the LastPass Universal Installer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to install for multiple supported web browsers. This installer also includes a recommended binary component, which is responsible for several key LastPass features (outlined here)

Note: For more information, please see our System Requirements for Users.

Step #3: Log in to the LastPass web browser extension (at least once)

Once you have installed the LastPass web browser extension, it is strongly recommended that you log in to the extension at least once to access your LastPass Vault, which is the central hub within your account where all of your data will be stored.

This is important for a few reasons:

  • Allows you to use some recovery options (SMS recovery or reverting to an old password) if you ever forget or need to reset your Master Password.
  • Creates a snapshot of your Vault data in the form of an encrypted, locally stored, cached file.
  • Automatically generates a Sharing Key so that you can create and use shared folders (if applicable).

What are the login states for the LastPass web browser extension?

For more information on the login states, check the following articles:

Step #4: Manage your web browser extension preferences

Manage your LastPass web browser extension preferences to set up your LastPass account in a way that works best for you.

Step #5: Manage your Account Settings

Lastpass Mobile Browser Extension

Manage your Account Settings to tailor various security and account configuration settings to your needs.

Step #6: Use the web browser extension

Now that your LastPass account has been set up, you can start using the LastPass web browser extension menu to easily search for and access items within your Vault, view and copy your usernames and passwords for websites, manage your items (addresses, payment cards, etc.), and so much more! Learn how to use the LastPass web browser extension.

We’re excited to announce that iCab, a leading mobile browser for iOS, has been updated with LastPass support!

Lastpass Mobile Browser

With iCab’s update to 7.2, available for $1.99 from the App Store, LastPass Premium users can now enjoy direct integration with the browser, with the ability to save new sites, fill logins stored in LastPass, and fill forms with LastPass profiles.
When you launch the browser, you can login and out of your LastPass account from iCab’s settings (the gear icon). The LastPass icon will then show in the iCab URL bar, which is actually a clickable menu. From the menu, you can save a new site, fill a form with an existing profile, fill a login saved in LastPass, or launch the site.


Lastpass Mobile Browser

iCab is a robust browser, with features that include:

  • File uploads: Upload photos and other files from web pages like Flickr and Facebook
  • Searching: Set a default search engine
  • Filter: Built-in, customizable, URL-based filter to help block banners
  • Tabs: Open multiple web pages at once, and can be saved so they’re reopened on browser launch
  • Bookmarks: Organize bookmarks in folder, and import/export from or to your PC/Mac
  • Downloads: Built-in download manager so you can download most files from the Internet
  • and More: With a unique “Scrollpad” for instant scrolling, a password lock option, Dropbox support, and more, iCab is a full-featured browser that’s worth checking out!

And now with LastPass, you’ll be able to enjoy easy access to your stored data while taking advantage of iCab’s unique features.

Lastpass Mobile Browser Free

From Jamie Q, who left a review on the App Store:

“This is the greatest browser I’ve used on iOS at all. I love the tabs and the download/upload manager!!! Plus, the Lastpass integration is amazing!!”



iCab is available for $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.1 or later. Use of LastPass on iCab requires a LastPass Premium subscription. For $12 per year, LastPass Premium unlocks access to all mobile apps and features, plus added security and portability options. Premium also supports the ongoing maintenance and development of the service.

Note that multifactor authentication is not currently supported on iCab. If you have multifactor authentication enabled on your account, and have restricted mobile login, you’ll receive an error that the device is restricted.