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Setting Up a New M1 MacBook for Data Science. Robert Boscacci. Copy my home wifi password (many random characters) from LastPass. LastPass changes to the free offering got you down? Not feeling like paying the $36 a year for the premium service. Here are some alternatives. (Updated with reader suggestion). It lets users install open source software and packages to the Mac, meaning that by this one app supporting M1, it opens the door to many other apps. If only quite technical ones. LastPass Mac App The LastPass vault you love for macOS. This is the same Mac app that includes the LastPass browser extension for Safari. Click here for Safari extension installation help.

19 Dec 2020

After reading all the raving reviews online about the new Apple M1-based Mac computers, and after losing too much time with my overheating MacBook Pro 2013 that’s on its last legs, I caved and bought a Mac Mini M1.

Lastpass Mac M1

☑️ Apple 30″ Cinema display (2013)

I made the mistake of thinking that any USB hub with a Mini Displayport connector would work with my Cinema display. But apparently, not all such ports are also Thunderbolt 2, as I found out with my Satechi hub.. Fortunately, Apple sells a 55 euro Thunderbolt 3 (with USB-C connector) to Thunderbolt 2 (with mini Displayport connector), and it works perfectly. This already takes 1 of the 2 USB-C ports on the Mac Mini.

☑️ Homebrew in native mode

I do a lot of bash/script development so my first concern was getting all of my bash scripts working on the new ARM architecture. I concentrated on bash/terminal in native arm64 mode, which means not running under Rosetta2. This because I want to benchmark in native mode, and I kind of assume that under Rosetta 2 everything works that worked under MacOS for Intel, and where’s the fun in that?

For that, I needed to get the Homebrew package manager running in native mode. The thing is, Homebrew does not yet support the new Apple Silicon M1 chip (they only started the first steps in Dec 2020), so you have to dodge all the warnings they throw at you. After someresearch, I found the best way to do it, and I combined all of it in an easy install/uninstall bash script:**** It installs the command-line tools and Homebrew to /opt/homebrew for arm64 mode, and to /usr/local for standard i386 mode.

Lastpass Mac M1

Running it is as easy as:

🤞 brew install –build-from-source

Lastpass apple tv

After installation, running brew install will give you warnings and will often not be able to install the packages, because there are no pre-built casks for Apple Silicon yet.

Still, you can tell brew to install from source code, and compile on your machine by using brew install --build-from-source (or shorter: brew install -s). For small packages like awk, this will do the job. For large packages with lots of dependencies like ffmpeg, brew will stop for lack of bottles.

☑️ native imagemagick

My first big package to install was imagemagick. It’s my go-to tool for image manipulation and part of many of my scripts like e.g. splashmark. Imagemagick has lots of brew dependencies for treating different kinds of files, like libpng, openjpeg, webp and ghostscript. Every time brew requires a package that isn’t installed yet, it stops with the error mentioned above. You then have to build that package separately and try the original brew install again. This is how I got imagemagick compiled in the end.

☑️ m1_homebrew recursive

I automated this process in the same script m1_homebrew recursive imagemagick first looks for all the dependent packages (via brew info), installs those first one by one and then, at the end, installs the main package. It can take a long time but it’s magic when it works.

Lastpass Mac M1

😥 no native ffmpeg

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. I tried it for ffmpeg, but this package requires some dependencies that will not build on MacOS M1 for now. Concretely: rust and openjdk cannot be built yet, and ffmpeg requires them.

  • rust: hangs on “arch -x86_64 make” which implies that it’s building a x86_64 (Intel) version instead of a arm64 native version,
  • openjdk: “configure: The tested number of bits in the target (64) differs from the number of bits expected to be found in the target (32)

They are both still marked as ⚠️ on the official Homebrew M1 compatibility list.

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The password manager industry is going through some changes. Dropbox has announced it will launch a free password manager in April, while LastPass’ free offering is changing today.


Lastpass Mac Fingerprint

If you have an account on Dropbox you can manage your passwords for free beginning next month with the Dropbox Basic account, although it will limit it to 50 passwords.

If you pay Dropbox $11.99 per month for a Plus account, you can use Dropbox Password with no limits, and it will allow users to securely share password to other accounts.

Further, LastPass announced last month that it would make a few changes to the free version of its software, and those changes are taking effect today.

Starting today, LastPass Free only includes access on unlimited devices of one type, which means: you can only access your passwords on your computer or on your smartphone.

The user can switch the main device three times, but after that, if the user is willing to stay in the free version, they’ll have to choose the mobile app or the desktop version.

Lastpass M1 Mac

For a limited time, LastPass is offering a discount on Premium subscriptions, so if you’re looking to add a paid-password manager to your day-to-day life, now could be the time. But of course, all Apple devices support iCloud Keychain for free as well.

Lastpass For Mac Os

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