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Only remember one password - your LastPass master password. Save all your usernames and passwords to LastPass, and it will autologin to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them. 'This robust password manager is a must-use free tool that supports multiple operating systems.

  1. Most importantly right now, you'll want to update the password on sites which shared your Gawker Media password. So click the LastPass button in your browser, then click on Tools Security Check.
  2. Mar 25, 2013 Selecting password, princess or qwerty as your password guarantees that attackers can decrypt it in record time to access your account. The company behind the online password manager Last Pass announced two additions to its password manager that help users identify weak or duplicate passwords. The feature is currently only available in the Chrome version of Last Pass, but will be added to the company's other browser extensions in the near future.


How do I run the Security Challenge for LastPass on my mobile device?

It can be overwhelming when you're trying to start improving your online security. LastPass can help by evaluating everything you've stored in your Vault, checking for weak, duplicate, old, or compromised passwords. To do so, run the Security Challenge in the LastPass Password Manager mobile app, and learn about what each of these scores mean.

  1. Install and open the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS or Android.
  2. Enter your email address and Master Password, then tap Log In.
  3. Select Security in the bottom toolbar.
  4. Tap Start the Challenge.
  5. A summary of your Security Challenge scores is displayed, which includes the following information:
    • Your Score
      This is a combined rating of how strong your passwords generally are, meaning their overall length and complexity, with the highest possible score being 100 points. However, in order to get a perfect score, you must have at least 50 passwords stored in your LastPass Vault.

      The following settings affect your overall security score:

      • The total amount of stored passwords you have – must be at least 50 passwords in order to pass with a perfect score of 100 points.
      • Whether or not you have enabled Multifactor Authentication accounts for 10 points. Learn how to enable.
      • Permitting offline access deducts 1 point.
      • Allowing unrestricted mobile devices to access your Vault deducts 1 point.
      Note: Sites that manage their own password requirements (e.g., passwords are not permitted to be complex and/or lengthy, using a Pin code instead of a password, etc.) may be counted against users as 'weak passwords' in their security score.
    • Your Rank
      This compares your scores against all other LastPass users who have run the Security Challenge. You are placed in a percentile according to your current security score. The lower the number, the better your ranking.
    • Number of sites scanned
      The total number of sites stored in your LastPass Vault that were analyzed.
    • Average password strength
      The sum of all password strengths divided by the total number of sites analyzed. Sites that do not have a password are excluded from this statistic.
    • Average password length
      The sum of the number of characters of each password divided by the total number of sites analyzed. Sites that do not have a password are excluded from this statistic.
    • Number of duplicate passwords
      The total number of unique passwords that are shared by at least 2 sites with different domains. Sites that do not have a password are excluded from this statistic.
    • Number of sites having duplicate passwords
      The total number of sites that have at least one other site with a different 2nd level domain but with an identical password. Sites that do not have a password are excluded from this statistic.
    • Number of weak passwords
      The total number of sites that have weak passwords. This includes any sites that have a duplicate password, any site whose password is susceptible to a dictionary attack, and any site whose password strength is less than 50%. Sites that do not have a password are excluded from this statistic.
    • Number of blank passwords
      The total number of sites that have blank passwords.
    • Overall secure usage count score
      Two points are awarded for each secure password found, up to a maximum of 100 points. The resulting number counts toward 10% of your overall score.
    • Multifactor authentication score
      If you have a LastPass Multifactor Authentication scheme enabled, then you start off at 10 points. One point is deducted if you permit offline storage of your Vault, another point is deducted if you allow mobile devices to access your Vault, and a final point is deducted if you have any trusted devices that allow bypassing multifactor authentication.
    • Your LastPass Master Password strength
      This rates how strong your Master Password is based on length and complexity.
  6. If desired, tap Details to view a list of sites that are categorized by the following:
    • Sites that use the same password
    • Sites that have unique passwords
    • Sites with no password

How can I improve my security score?

It is recommended that you take all of the following steps to increase your overall security for your LastPass Vault:
  • Eliminate duplicate passwords – View your detailed results, then visit each site that is listed with the same password in use and change the password to something long, unique, and complex. We recommend using the Generate Password feature.
  • Eliminate weak passwords – View your detailed results, then visit each site that is listed as having a weak password in use and change the password to something long, unique, and complex. We recommend using the Generate Password feature.
  • Stop storing passwords insecurely – If you are storing your passwords in any format that is unencrypted (e.g., web browser password manager, email, notepad, Google Docs, etc.), it is recommended that you use the import passwords feature to begin storing them in your LastPass Vault.
  • Start using a multifactor authentication scheme – Enabling and using multifactor authentication significantly increases the security of your account. Learn how to enable a multifactor authentication option.
  • Re-run the LastPass Security Challenge on a routine basis – Keeping good password hygiene is a daily best practice. It is recommended that you re-run the Security Challenge every few weeks to stay on top of secure password storage.

With a newly reorganized vault and the results of the Security Check in hand, let’s roll up our sleeves and go through the steps to update those weak and duplicate passwords.

We recommend starting with important passwords – online banking, email addresses, online shopping accounts with stored credit card information – that are critically weak (the bar is red in the results) or that share passwords with other logins. Set a goal to work on a handful of accounts at a time, over several days or weeks if needed, until all passwords are at a ‘strong’ level. This is likely the hardest resolution on our list, but an important step to increasing your online security with LastPass.

Lastpass Duplicate Password Generator

To start with the most critical areas first, we want to pay attention to the Security Check results that display the number of duplicate passwords, the number of sites with duplicate passwords, and the number of weak passwords:

The Security Check’s detailed results makes it easy to identify these problems and correct them. The sites are ranked from weakest passwords to strongest passwords, with the weakest showing a shorter red bar, and the strongest showing a longer green bar.

As we’ve shown before, updating a site’s password requires logging into the site itself, then using LastPass to go through the password change process. By clicking “visit site” next to the weak password in the Security Check results, LastPass will take us to the login page for that entry:

Lastpass Duplicate Password

For example, if a Gmail login is very weak or is currently the same as another password, we’ll click “Visit Site” and be directed to the Gmail login page, where LastPass will autofill the data:

We can then navigate to Gmail’s “account settings” page, where we can access the page to change our Gmail password:

On the password change page, LastPass will present a notification bar, allowing you to first autofill the existing password, and to then generate a new password. Note that when you click the “Generate” button, you can check the “show advanced options” box to customize the length of your password, and the types of digits, characters, and letters that will be included in the generated password.

Lastpass Duplicate Password

When the fields are complete, save the account changes. LastPass will present another notification bar, asking you to confirm the change to an existing account, or to save a new site entry. When clicking “confirm”, a dialog will appear allowing you to select the entry to which you want to apply the change.You should then repeat this process with every site that contains a weak or duplicate passwords, working your way through the Security Check results. Note that, after updating the username or password for a site stored with LastPass, you can go to the “edit” dialog and click “History” to see a record of changes made to the entry:

Lastpass Duplicate PasswordLastpass password generator web

We hope the article provides a helpful push for you to remove duplicate and update weak passwords. You’re well on your way to topping the Security Check!

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