Lanny Wolfe Songbook

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Lanny Wolfe Sort By: 1. Piano Solo Songbook Series: Softcover: Late Elementary to Advanced Piano Level: Piano Solo. E-Z Play Today Series: Softcover: E-Z Play. The Lanny Wolfe Songbook, Fifty Of His Finest (1) Father Love (4) Just Keep Praising Him (3) Let Us Rejoice (1) I'm Gonna Praise The Lord Any Way That I Can (3) Through The Years (2) Can't Stop The Music (2) Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy (1) The Sounds of. SongSelect is the definitive source for worship song resources. Download easily transposable chord charts and sheet music plus lyrics for 100,000 songs.

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Lanny Wolfe Songs List

1 .None
8 .1
13Steven Fry©1974 BMG Songs Inc/ .None
14Dave Moody1984 .1
15 Unknown .3
16Roy Hicks©1975,1980 Scripture .None
17Bruce McGrail©1979 Bruce McGrail/ .None
18Fred Chedgey©1978 Thankyou Music .None
19Andy Carter©1977 Thankyou Music .None
20 Unknown .1
21Naida Hearn©1974/1978 Scripture .None
22Jimmy Rasono©1979,1980 Scripture .None
23Alison Huntley©1978 Thankyou Music .None
24 Unknown .1
25Jimmy Rasono©1975,1980 Scripture .None
26Roy Hicks©1972,1980 Scripture .None
27Adrienne Hoggarth .1
28Jackie Edwards©1977,1980 Scripture .None
29Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture .None
30Joan Parsons©1978 Thankyou Music .None
31Bonnie Low©1976 Bonnie Low/Que .None
32Neil Riley©1978,1980 Scripture .None
33Bob McGee©1976,1980 The King' .None
34Dana Rhodes©1977 Dana Rhodes .None
35Virgil Meared .1
36Richard Oddie©1976,1980 Scripture .None
37Ric Farr©1979 Ric Farr .None
38Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture .None
39Bonnie Low©1976 Bonnie Low/Que .None
40Bill Grein
Janny Grein
©1978 Birdwing Music .None
41Jack Williams Hayford© Rocksmith Music .None
42St. Aidan's Parish Community© St. Aidan's Parish .None
43Jack Williams Hayford©1976 Living Way Min .None
44Rick Ridings©1977,1980 Scripture .None
45Ted Watson©1977,1980 Scripture .None
46Susie Wilson©1973 Maranatha Prod .None
46Susie Wilson© Maranatha Producti .None
48Tony Hopkins©1972 Scripture in S .None
49Max Dyer©1974,1975 Celebrati .None
50Pete Sanchez Jr©1977 Pete Sanchez J .None
51Richard Gillard©1977 Scripture in S .None
52Ted Sandquist©1976 Lion of Judah .None
53Tom McLain©1980 Scripture in S .None
54Susie Wilson©1977 Maranatha Prod .None
55Rick Ridings©1977 Richard Riding .None
56John Bagniewski©1978 Servants of th .None
57Dave Richards©1977 Thankyou Music .None
58Dana Rhodes©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
59Leigh Briggs©1980 Scripture in S .None
60Kandela Groves©1985 Maranatha Musi .None
60Kandela Groves©1985 Maranatha Musi .None
61 Unknown .1
62David Campbell©1980 David A. Campb .None
63Jules Riding©1976 St. Paul's Out .None
64Steve Stewart©1980 Scripture in S .None
65Dale Hunter
Evelyn Hunter
©1979,1980 Scripture .None
66Janny Grein
Bill Grein
©1978 Birdson Music/ .None
67Steve Smith©1977,1978 Scripture .None
68Phil Durham©1980 Phil Durham .None
69Gary Johnson©1978 Bethany Fellow .None
70Neil Riley©1979,1980 Scripture .None
71Donald E. Fishel©1973 The Word of Go .None
72Hilary Foged©1980 Scripture in S .None
73Charles Christmas©1974 The Word of Go .None
74Dale Garrett©1970 Scripture in S .None
75Alison Huntley©1978 Thankyou Music .None
76James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens
Carol Owens
©1978 Lexicon Music .None
77Donna Adkins©1976 Fountain of Li .None
78David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M .None
79James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens
Damian Lundy
©1978 Lexicon Music .None
80Graham Kelly©1978,1980 Scripture .None
81 Unknown .1
82David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M .None
83Naida Hearn©1979,1980 Scripture .None
84Dave Fellingham©1980 Scripture in S .None
85Stephen M. Evans©1979 Stephen M Evan .None
86Frank Hernandez©1978 Sparrow Song/C .None
87Lanny Wolfe
Marietta Wolfe
©1975 Lanny Wolfe Mu .None
88Dave Richards©1979 Thankyou Music .None
89Nolene Prince©1978,1980 Scripture .None
90Linda Spencer©1979,1980 Scripture .None
91Gary Garrett©1976,1980 Scripture .None
92Mike Hibbert
Viv Hibbert
©1978 Mike & Viv .None
93 Unknown .1
94Jean Zampino©1980 Jean L. Zampin .None
95David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M .None
96David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M .None
97Andraé Edward Crouch©1973 Lexicon Music .None
98Daniel Iverson1926,1935, 1963 .2
99Richard Oddie©1979 Christian Arti .None
100Dave Bilbrough1977 .1
101Sebastian Temple©1967 Franciscan Com .None
102Karen Barrie Chapman©1973 Karen Barrie .None
103Tony Pullen
Iain McDonald
©1980 Thankyou Music .None
104Brent Sinclair Chambers©1980 Scripture in S .None
105Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
106Linda Spencer©1971 Linder Spencer .None
107Hilary Foged©1980 Scripture in S .None
108Brent Sinclair Chambers©1978 Scripture in S .None
109Tom Martin©1980 Scripture in S .None
110Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S .None
111Patricia van Tine©1978 Maranatha Musi .None
112 Unknown .1
113Dave Bryant1978 .1
114Ian Traynar©1977 Thankyou Music .None
115Dale Garrett©1979 Scripture in S .None
116James (Jimmy) Lloyd Owens©1978 Lexicon Music .None
117Dave Bilbrough©1979 Thankyou Music .None
118Mavis Ford
Loxley Ford
©1978 Springtide .None
119David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M .None
120Howard J. Carter©1980 Scripture in S .None
121Enine Niemand©1975 Promise Publis .None
122Stephen R. Adams©1973, 1982, 1983 St .None
123Dale Garrett©1978 Scripture in S .None
124James Greenelsh
Elizabeth Greenelsh
©1978 Integrity’s Ho .None
125Mark Pendergras©1975 Sparrow Song/C .None
126Mark Pendergras©1975 Sparrow Song/C .None
127David Ingles©1976 David Ingles M .None
128Brent Sinclair Chambers©1980 Scripture in S .None
129Roy Hicks©1978,1980 Scripture .None
130Jack Williams Hayford©1975 Living Way Min .None
131Ken Chant©1980 Scripture in S .None
132 Alliene G. Vale©1976 His Eye Music/ .None
133Eli Chavira©1971,1980 Scripture .None
134 Unknown .1
135Himmie Gustafson©1976 Himmie Gustafs .None
136Merla Watson©1974 Gordon V. Thom .None
137Daniel C. Stradwick©1980 Scripture in S .None
138Thomas (Bishop) Ken1674 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)1
139David Ingles©1978 David Ingles M .None
140Lanny Wolfe©1973 Lanny Wolfe Mu 8 8 8 7None
141Tom McLain©1980 Scripture in S .None
142Robert Stamps©1972 Dawn Treader M .None
143Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S .None
144 Unknown .5
145Brent Sinclair Chambers©1979 Scripture in S .None
146Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
147Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
148Susan Hutchinson©1979 Word's Spirit .None
149Susan Hutchinson©1979 Springtide .None
150Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
151Mark Wastie©1980 Thankyou Music .None
152Bill Quigley
Mary-Ann Quigley
©1980 Bill & Mar .None
153Shirley Powell©1979 Shirley M. Pow .None
154Dottie Rambo
David Huntsinger
©1977 Heartwarming M .None
155David J. Mansell198211 12 11 12 and refrain1
156Brent Sinclair Chambers©1977 Scripture in S .None
157Jeannie Clattenburg
Rick Powell
©1977 SOUND III .None
158Ian Smith©1980 Thankyou Music .None
159Ian Smith©1980 Thankyou Music .None
160 Unknown .3
161Chris A. Bowater©1979 Sovereign Musi .None
162Bruce Borneman
Judi Borneman
©1980 Maranatha Musi .None
163Pauline Michael Mills©1966 Fred Bock Musi .None
164Stuart Dauermann©1972,1975 Lillenas .None
165Shirley Powell©1977,1980 Noteworth .None
166Ross Fleming©1977 Scripture in S .None
167 Unknown .5
168Dave Bilbrough©1980 Thankyou Music .None
169Richard Britton©1976,19880 Scriptur .None
170Ted Sandquist©1974 Lion of Judah .None
171 Unknown .1
172Bill Sprouse JR©1975 Maranatha Musi .None
173Diane Davis Andrew©1971,1975 Celebrati .None
174Rebecca Wilmarth©1974 Rebecca L. Wil .None
175 Unknown .1
176Jules Riding©1977 St. Paul's Out .None
177Sharla Mathews©1976 Sharla Mathews .None
178Keri Jones
Dave Matthews
©1978 Springtide .None
179Gary Pfieffer©1973 Fred Bock Musi .None
180Pam Hansford©1978 Springtide .None
181Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
182 Unknown .1
183Ross Fleming©1978 Scripture in S .None
184Neil Riley©1979 Scripture in S .None
185Robert Cure©1976 Maranatha Musi11 12 11 11None
186Barry McGuire©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
187Merla Watson©1974 Gordon V. Thom .None
188Anonymous©1978,1980 Scripture .None
189Doris Mae Akers©1962 Manna Music, I .None
190Bruce Bremner©1980 Scripture in S .None
191Brent Sinclair Chambers©1977 Scripture in S .None
192Steffi Geiser Rubin
Stuart Dauermann
1975 .1
193Dale Garrett©1977 Scripture in S .None
194Lilly Green©1979 Word Music (UK .None
195Marion Warrington©1972 Youth With A M .None
196John Newton
Bryn Austin Rees
1779,19 cent 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)13
197Steve Stone©1978 Mandina Music/ .None
198Shirley Powell©1975,1980 Noteworth .None
199James Henry Fillmore, Sr.©1986 Word Music (UK .None
200Ted Sandquist©1974 Lion of Judah .None
201Dennis Britton©1975 Sparrow Song/C .None
202Dale Garrett©1972 Scripture in S .None
203Georgian Banov©1978 Sparrow Song/C .None
204Sophie Conty
Naomi Batya
©1980 Maranatha Musi .None
205Barry McGuire
Tony Salerno
©1978 Sparrow Song/C .None
206Rich Cook©1976 John T. Benson .None
207Donya Brockway©1972 His Eye Music/ .None
208Mark Pendergras©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
209Edith McNeill©1974,1975 Celebrati .None
210Sherry Saunders©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
211Frank Hernandez
Sherry Saunders
©1975 Sparrow Song/C .None
212Graham Kelly©1977 Scripture in S .None
213Ane Warner
Sherry Saunders
©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
214Laurie Klein©1978,1980 Maranatha .None
215Bruce Ballinger©1976 Canticle Publi .None
215Bruce Ballinger©1976 Canticle Publi .None
216Dave Bilbrough©1980 Thankyou Music .None
217 Unknown .1
218 Unknown .2
219Graham Kendrick©1979 Thankyou Music .None
220Daniel Markoya©1976,1980 Scripture .None
221Graham Kendrick©1977 Thankyou Music .None
222Graham Kendrick©1977 Thankyou Music .None
223Lee Abbey Music Workshop©1980 Bible Society .None
224Eric Jones©1980 British & .None
225Gerald Coates©1980 Thankyou Music .None
226Paul Kyle©1980 Thankyou Music .None
227Dougie Brown©1980 Thankyou Music .None
228Diane Fung©1978 Springtide .None
229Jim Patterson©1974 Jugend Mit Ein .None
230Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
231Mark Pendergras©1977 Sparrow Song/C .None
232Dale Garrett©1970 Scripture in S .None
233Leila Hamrat
Sally Phoenix
Sally Phoenix
©1979 Alain Bergese .None
234William Elmo Mercer©1976 John T. Benson .None
235Michael Ryan©1974 Maranatha Musi .None
236Dale Garrett©1980 Scripture in S .None
237Gary Johnson©1978 Lillenas Publi .None
238Daniel Markoya©1977,1980 Scripture .None
239David Graham©1980 Christian Arti .None
240Ron Fordyce©1976 Ron Fordyce .None
241Ron Fordyce©1976 Ron Fordyce .None
242Nesta Mumford©1980 Thankyou Music .None
243Charles Christmas©1974 The Word of Go .None
244David Graham©1978 Christian Arti .None
245John Fischer©1973 Lexicon Music .None
246Donna Adkins©1976,1981 Word Musi .None