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Lando Setup with Drupal 9 Prerequisite for this is installation of lando in development machine are: Docker; Lando; This project also includes continuos integration of probo with drupal 9. Step 1: Clone this respository. May 12, 2020 Setting up Lando and Drupal to run PHPUnit tests can be tricky. This post attempts to break it down and provides a guide to getting set up. At the end of the post is a working.lando.yml file that you can copy/paste from to extend your usual Lando set up. A bit about Drupal tests. Drupal 8 and 9 use PHPUnit to run various types of test. Drupal 9 Multisite setup in Lando The multisite feature in Drupal allows to effectively create and manage a fleet of websites where all the sites will share the same codebase while having separated databases, configurations, and assets. In this post, we will see how to setup a Drupal multisite setup locally using Lando with an assumption that you already have a master site setup using drupal9.

Below are steps to setup a local Drupal 9 composer based environment using Lando.


You need to have Lando installed using these instructions.


Create a local folder. <app> will be the name of your application folder and Lando instance.

Position your working directory as your new folder

Initialize Lando and answer a few questions. This utility creates a .lando.yml file in your working directory. When you start Lando in the next step, this file is used to define the Lando configuration.


Start Lando

Install Drupal code using composer. Note – Drupal is being install in a Docker container, not on your local computer.

Lando Drupal 9 Download

The above command uses composer to install Drupal and it’s dependencies into a folder called ‘blah’. Now, the files/folders in ‘blah’ will be move up one level into your directory and the ‘blah’ folder will be removed.

Rebuild Lando containers.

On a success rebuilt on Lando, it’s time to install Drupal 8. Goto the local URL for your Drupal 8 website.

Lando Drupal 9

Lando Drupal 9 Youtube

Follow the steps in the Drupal installation Wizard. When the database page appears, use ‘drupal9‘ for the database name, username and password. Also, use ‘database‘ for the host name (under the Advanced settings.

Lando Drupal 9 Episode

You should be up and running,