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King gothalion twitter

King Gothalion has quickly gained thousands of followers on the site. Popular Twitch streamer King Gothalion announces that he is leaving the site to stream on Mixer. King Gothalion is the second big name to move to Mixer this month as World of Warcraft streamer shroud also made the move to Mixer from Twitch. This time it’ s Cory “King Gothalion” Michael making the move to stream on the Microsoft- owned Mixer. Over on Twitch, Michael has over one million followers. But he announced today on Twitter that. 21,064 likes 7,720 talking about this. Video Game Live Streaming Channel. Industry veteran focusing on Variety Gaming and Good Vibes.

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Kinggothalion Wife

Mixer's most memorable time in the spotlight came via on-site talent, locking down exclusive contracts for Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek, and Cory 'King Gothalion' Michael. The latest tweets from @gothalion.


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Kinggothalion Twitter


Earlier today, popular Twitch streamer Cory “KingGothalion” Michael announced that he would be streaming exclusively on Mixer. The announcement, which he made via Twitter, stated that the move to the Microsoft-owned streaming platform will take place on Tuesday, October 29, so followers on his Twitch channel will have a few more days to catch his streams there. He released a short video announcing the news as well as expressing his excitement about the change.

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— Gothalion (@Gothalion) October 27, 2019

KingGothalion is best known for streaming Destiny 2 but has also streamed games such as No Man’s Sky, and more recently, Borderlands 3. In his announcement video, he expresses his thoughts on the move to Mixer. “I sat down thinking this was gonna be a tough decision but, honestly, it felt kinda easy-peasy.” KingGothalion feels that working with Microsoft and Xbox will not only allow the channel to grow and thrive but the change will propel his goal of “doing good in gaming” further. He states that Mixer, as well as his channel, will be “helping broadcasters establish themselves, mentoring the growing broadcasters, raising money for charity, and putting on events like GuardianCon and GCX.”

KingGothalion’s announcement comes just days after another popular streamer, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, announced that he would be joining Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in moving from Twitch to Mixer. Mixer, which has been around since 2016 and originally known as Beam, has been picking up a good amount of steam as of late with popular streamers seemingly flocking to the service from Twitch. As of right now, KingGothalion has gained over 23,000 followers on Mixer (having over a million on Twitch), despite the official move taking place a few days from now.

Starting Tuesday, October 29, you can catch KingGothalion on his new Mixer channel starting at 5 AM PDT. For those looking to make the move along with KingGothalion, you can claim a free subscription to his channel for a limited time by clicking the banner at the top of the page.