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Justinguitar Book
  1. Hal Leonard has been working with Justin to publish print versions of his instructional methods and now has released the JustinGuitar Easy Guitar Songbook, featuring 101 popular songs that can be played with up to eight open chords. Songs are presented in sequential difficulty order in chord/lyric format with lesson tips, chord diagrams, and more.
  2. The Justinguitar.com Acoustic Songbook is for all guitar players who want to progress beyond beginner level. The book starts with beginner level material, before progressing to songs that will teach you how to use more complex chords (including barre chords), riffs, fingerstyle patterns and open tunings.
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Justinguitar Beginners Book

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Justin Guitar Songbook

(Music Sales America). This contains a complete course for anyone wanting to learn how to play acoustic or electric guitar. After 20 years of teaching guitar and hearing from hundreds of thousands of followers on You Tube, Justin has realized that the majority of beginner guitarists struggle with the same problems, and has worked out how to help them overcome the things they find difficult. The course is divided into nine stages. Each one has a practice routine and ear-traning exercises that will help you quickly improve. The book comes with two specially-recorded CDs containing demonstrations of every chord, technique and exercise you'll need. Along the way you'll learn: how to choose a guitar, amp and accessories * how to read chord boxes and tab * tuning up * all the important open and power chords * rhythm guitar techniques * how to practice * playing a 12-bar blues * fingerstyle patterns * the pentatonic scale and basic improvisation * and much, much more.