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Abbie Betinis leads an audience at The Schubert Club in this 3-part street chant.Get the sheet music for free at songs.justicechoir.org/Resilience~ or ~ get the Justice Choir Songbook: www.justicechoir.orgSee the video: songs.justicechoir.org/YouTubeFollow us on Facebook: facebook.com/justicechoirAbbie writes: 'Resilience is a mindset born in the hardest days, when you're scared or sad or tired, when progress toward your goal is slow, and the barriers seem impenetrable... and yet you keep going, because somewhere deep down you know that what you're fighting for will be so much better. As a three-time cancer survivor, I continue to learn about resilience.'RESILIENCE(Parts 1 & 2) Resilience, we are strong; Shoulder to shoulder keep movin' on, Resilience, make a new plan; Stand up again and say yes we can.(Part 3) Oh! Oh! We are strong; Hold on! I wanna make it and I know we will, Yes, it's hard to keep goin' but it's worse to stand still.(all parts) Resilience.

Social Justice Song

  • A song-leading resource for folks wanting to sing for justice! Download the growing songbook at - it's free! Subscribe to get each new song. And keep up with.
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Quarantine day 39: (2:44 sound on) This Sunday would have been Justice Choir Sunday at Central Presbyterian. So I pulled out the Justice Choir songbook and sang one I hadn’t done before. Our first virtual choir recording created in the Fall 2020 semester. This work appears in the Justice Choir Songbook and was performed with permission.

Justice songbook

Roll Down Justice Mark Miller

Update Mar 9 2021:
The Justice Choir Songbook is in its final stages of proofing and editing! Preview & download the working document below. 34 songs are complete and ready!

Each of our songwriters has pre-authorized their song(s) free for all non-commercial use. This means you may duplicate and share these songs for use in your marches, rallies, educational programs, religious services, and any other non-commercial event. We hope this is a valuable model for you, and that it makes it easy for more and more people to sing for justice, equity, love and peace. (Read more: How to Share with Creative Commons and our Facebook post What Can I Do with a Justice Choir Song (without needing to ask)?.)

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Environmental Justice Songs

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Resilience By Abbie Betinis

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