Justice Choir Songbook

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ChoirJustice Choir Songbook

Justice Choir Songbook

Abbie Betinis leads an audience at The Schubert Club in this 3-part street chant.Get the sheet music for free at songs.justicechoir.org/Resilience~ or ~ get the Justice Choir Songbook: www.justicechoir.orgSee the video: songs.justicechoir.org/YouTubeFollow us on Facebook: facebook.com/justicechoirAbbie writes: 'Resilience is a mindset born in the hardest days, when you're scared or sad or tired, when progress toward your goal is slow, and the barriers seem impenetrable... and yet you keep going, because somewhere deep down you know that what you're fighting for will be so much better. As a three-time cancer survivor, I continue to learn about resilience.'RESILIENCE(Parts 1 & 2) Resilience, we are strong; Shoulder to shoulder keep movin' on, Resilience, make a new plan; Stand up again and say yes we can.(Part 3) Oh! Oh! We are strong; Hold on! I wanna make it and I know we will, Yes, it's hard to keep goin' but it's worse to stand still.(all parts) Resilience.


The Justice Choir Songbook

Finding strength in making music together, members of the Cleveland Chamber Choir created this virtual choral performance of 'Resilience' by Abbie Betinis from her 'Justice Choir Songbook,' featuring soloists Jelani Watkins and Jenna Hall Tucker. CCC also performed this piece at our recent concerts entitled We March On! Music of Social Justice. JUSTICE CHOIR SONGBOOK LINKS Here’s the link to this document (check back often to see what’s been unveiled)::// songs.justicechoir.org/Links.