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  1. The latest tweets from @JoshOG.
  2. A powerhouse streamer laying waste to his foes in just about any shooting game you can think of, JoshOG blends a fun-loving personality (he owns over 40 Hawaiian shirts, all of which make on-stream appearances) with some high-end skills to make one of the most consistently excellent streams on Twitch.
  3. “I was SO excited to stream more Enlisted today but I woke up with the absolute worst headache and it's not going away:( Going to try to take a nap and see if that helps”.

When summit first joined gtarp he could just rob houses, rob stores, or even just race with 1 other person and still have a great time. His introduction into cg wasn't forced and it was fluid. Honestly, cg did really well at the boom. Just wasn't that way with joshog.

Jul 12th, 2015
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Joshog Scam

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  2. cl_crosshaircolor_r '50';
  3. cl_crosshairdot '0';
  4. cl_crosshairsize '2';
  5. cl_crosshairusealpha '1';
  6. cl_fixedcrosshairgap '-1';
  7. cl_crosshair_outline_draw '0';
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