Itachi Sketch

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Itachi And Shisui Sketch

Itachi Sketch

We have already drawn Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke. But the world of Naruto is so huge and indescribable that that wasn’t enough. Today we will learn how to draw Itachi Uchiha. Before drawing him I would like to tell you about him.

Drawing of Itachi Uchiha from Naruto. I'm really happy with the results, If you like it please press like and subscribe for more drawings:)đź’˛For Commissions. Sketch of Itachi plz view full size I LOVE Itachi!!!.For those who dont know, I no longer use this account. I'm leaving some pics up though but heres my new page. Thanks to everyone who has supported me here on DA as Hiruka. Please visit my new page =3.

Well, I would call him a Guy- In –Black-Dressing-Gown. He is a good guy, inspite of the fact that he seems to harbor the grudge against the whole world. But in fact, he is still pacifist. We will not talk about how he slaughtered his clan and that his brother Sasuke dreams to destroy him.

What else do we know about Itachi?

Naruto Itachi Sketch

  • In Japanese his name means a weasel, an animal. In Japanese mythology this animal symbolizes death, diseases and bad luck. Perhaps his parents wished for a girl!?
  • He is good at martial arts, in all possible kinds.
  • Itachi died and he rose from the dead. He died while saving his brother who wished to kill him.

But let’s go back to drawing. I managed to find a picture without his usual kimono.

How to draw Itachi Uchiha step by step

Step 1.Itachi is standing on a column, so we sketch the contours of the body and the column.

Step 2. We draw his hands, legs, swords and other vital organs.

Step 3. He is holding a mask in his hands. We show the mask, his hair, clothes and facial features.

Step 4. We draw out the details of the face, clothes and décor.

Step 5.

We did well!

I wish you all good luck and a good time!

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Itachi Sketch

Itachi Sketch East

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