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Have you decided to try Android devices and settled on LG? This means that you must now figure out how to transfer data from your iPhone to an LG device. The first problem you’ll encounter is that the devices run on different platforms and without the right tool or the right processes, transferring the data from Android to iOS can be quite problematic.

In this article, we take a look at two effective ways to transfer data from an iPhone to an LG device. These solutions make it easier to move all your data from the iPhone to the LG device and thereby making the switching process easy, quick and efficient.

  • Launch the Mirror for LG TV app. It will start looking for your LG TV (s) on your local network. When a TV is found, select it. When you use this app for the first time, depending on your model LG TV, the TV might ask you to “allow” the connection.
  • For this, you’ll either need an Apple TV ($150 for the HD model, $180 for 4K) or one of the recent AirPlay-compatible smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, or Vizio.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the adapter via the Lightning port, then connect the adapter to the cable. Hook the cable into the back of the television. You should then be able to switch the TV's.

See full list on letsview.com.

Transfer Data from iPhone to LG with MobileTrans- Phone Transfer

MobileTrans-Phone Transfer offers you the best way to transfer data from an iPhone to an LG device. it can be used to transfer all types of data very easily from one device to another even if the devices run on different platforms as is the case. The following some of the features that MobileTrans the best choice when transferring data from iPhone to LG;

Screen share iphone to lg tv free
  • • MobileTrans can transfer different types of data including contacts, photos, apps, music, messages, videos and more from one phone to another even if the devices are on different platforms
  • • It can also be used to transfer data from WhatsApp and other social apps very quickly and easily.
  • • It is an ideal solution for the transfer of data from your cloud backups to the device without having to restore the backup, which can cause data loss.
  • • It supports thousands of different Android devices and all versions of the Android OS
  • • As we shall see very shortly, the process of transferring data from one device to another using MobileTrans is simple, straightforward and highly effective.

Here’s how you can use MobileTrans to transfer data from your iPhone to LG;

Step 1: Download and install MobileTrans to your computer. Run the program after successful installation and the select the “Phone Transfer” feature on the main window.

Step 2: Connect both devices to the computer using USB cables and wait while the program detects the devices. You may need to unlock the iPhone and allow USB debugging on the LG to get the program to detect the devices.

It is also important to make sure that the devices are in the correct order. In this case, the iPhone is the “Source” device and the LG is the “Destination” device. If this order is incorrect, click on “Flip” to re-order the devices correctly.

Step 3: As soon as MobileTrans detects the devices, you should see a list of all the types of data that you can transfer in the middle panel. Select all the types of data you would like to transfer and then click “Start” to begin the transfer process.

Keep both devices connected to the computer until the transfer process is complete. If you need to remove the data from the LG device before the transfer, make sure that “Clear data before copy” is checked.

Transfer Data from iPhone to LG with LG Mobile Switch

LG mobile switch is an app developed by LG whose specific purpose is to help you easily migrate all your data from an old device to the new LG device. To work, the app must be installed on both the old and the new device and it can be used to transfer all types of data including contacts, messages, videos, photos, installed apps, call history and more.

Some of the features that make LG Mobile Switch a great solution include the following;

  • • With this app, you can transfer most types of data from one device to another. The different types of data you can transfer include contacts, messages, videos, photos and even the apps installed on the device.
  • • You can choose to transfer data from one device to the LG device wirelessly (which only works with Android to Android) or you can use a USB connection to transfer the data (a method that works well when transferring data from iOS to LG)
  • • It is very easy to use, allowing you to transfer data from the iPhone to the LG device in just a few simple steps
Iphone Share To Lg Tv

You can use LG Mobile Switch to transfer data from your iPhone to an LG device using USB and you must therefore have USB connector to enable you connect the devices together. Follow these simple steps to do it;

Step 1: Install the LG Mobile Switch app on both the iPhone and the new LG device. You can install it from the App Store on the iPhone and from the Google Play Store on your LG device

Step 2: Give the app the necessary permissions on both devices and then launch it. select “USB cable” to begin the transfer process.

Step 3: Use the USB cable and the USB connector to connect the devices. Tap “Trust” on the iPhone and the app will start automatically once the devices are connected.

Step 4: Select “Send” on the iPhone and “Receive” on the LG device

Step 5: Choose the types of data you would like to transfer from the options provided and then click “Start” to begin the process.

It is important to keep both devices connected until the process is complete. The transfer may take a few minutes depending on the file sizes and the type of data selected. When the transfer is complete, restart the device to continue setting it up.

Comparison of the Two Methods Above

While these two methods are both effective in their own way, they have varied differences that may help you choose the best solution for you. Some of the differences include the following;

  • • With MobileTrans, you have more options when it comes to the different types if data you can transfer even if you are transferring data between devices running two different operating systems. LG Switch on the other hand limits the types of data transferable between devices running different OS. For example, you may not be able to transfer app data from iPhone to LG using the app.
  • • MobileTrans makes the whole process of data transfer that much easier, all you have to do is connect the devices to the computer and select the type of data to transfer. With LG Switch, you will need to connect the devices with a USB connector as you can’t transfer data from iOS to Android wirelessly.
  • • It is also not uncommon for the LG Switch app to suffer various errors that can prevent you from transferring the data safely. MobileTrans is essentially a tool that you install on your desktop and it is stable enough to prevent errors you may find on mobile apps.

The Bottom Line

The above methods both represent the best possible way to transfer data from iPhone to LG. Whatever method you choose be sure to implement the steps as described above for successful transfer. If you have any questions about the steps above or any other data transfer issue, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help you find solutions.

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A lot of Windows 10 users enjoy watching movies or share meetings on their Windows PC. However, this activity will be more fun and exciting if you watch your favorite movie and stream your videos to a wider screen display like your LG TV. Good thing is that you can now start screen mirroring Windows 10 to LG Smart TV with the help of the following screen mirroring tools to cast your computer screen to your TV.

Top 3 Ways to Mirror Windows 10 to LG TV


LetsView is one of the latest and well-known screen mirroring tools available online. It offers a clear and stable mirroring process as long as the WiFi connection is strong. With this app, you can stream videos, watch movies, display photos, and other files from your Windows 10 to your LG TV. Get started to screen share Windows 10 to LG TV by following the simple steps below.

Iphone Share To Lg Tv
  • On your web browser, get the application and install it on your Windows 10 and LG TV.

    For Windows 10

    For LG TV

  • Launch the app and click the Computer Screen Mirroring.
  • Just enter the PIN code displayed on the interface of the app on your LG TV to connect.

Note: Don’t forget to connect your Windows 10 computer and your LG TV to the same WiFi connection.

LG Smart Share

LG Smart Share is another top tier screen mirroring tool for you to cast Windows 10 to LG TV. This program allows you to cast and display files from your Windows 10 to your LG TV supported by Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, DLNA, NFC, and many more. Furthermore, it is also applicable to other devices like tablets, smartphones, and cameras. To learn how to share your Windows 10 to LG TV, you can follow the guidance below.

Connect Iphone To Lg Tv

Iphone Share To Lg TvChannel
  • Download the application on your Windows 10 and launch it afterward.
  • Choose your LG TV as your server.
  • Then you will be able to watch movies, display photos, or play the music that you want to cast from your Windows 10 to your LG TV.


Lastly, to connect Windows 10 to LG Smart TV and mirror your computer screen to your TV, you can ApowerMirror. This tool is well-known worldwide as it became one of the top screen mirroring tools that offer a great mirroring capability. Also, additional features are included in this amazing tool aside from screen mirroring, such as screen recording, screenshot, and annotation for better displaying of presentation. Simply follow the steps below to mirror your Windows 10 to your LG TV.

  • Download the application on your PC and LG TV separately.
  • Launch the application and on your Windows 10, and click the PIN code from the options then input the code displayed on your LG TV.
  • Your Window 10 will then be mirrored to your LG TV.


Screen Share Iphone To Lg Tv Without Wifi

These are the top 3 screen mirroring tools that you can use to cast Windows 10 to LG TV. Each tool offers great screen mirroring capability as well as additional features for a better experience. If you want to mirror Windows 10 like a freeze, LetsView if for you; if you prefer the native tool, then Smart Share will be your best choice.

Lg Tv Share From Pc

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