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How to Setup IP Cameras on Roku TV: I am pretty excited for this Video. I have had three (soon to be four) Foscam IP cameras set up with a Synology Surveilla. Samsung has a wide variety of Smart Home products available, including smart cameras, smart mesh WiFi, smart trackers, and more. Make your home smarter now! About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Basically, I thought it would be handy if I was watching TV and someone came to the door to have the camera feed show up on the TV - ideally in the picture-in-picture box. I'll be honest, I had the idea to do this shortly after getting the IP cameras set up, but it took over two years of occasionally revisiting the idea until I finally figured out how to do it.

At first I thought it was going to be easy. Our main TV (in our living room) is a Samsung 'Smart' TV (and those quote marks are very much intentional). The smart TV is what I thought was going to make this easy. Manufacturers keep jamming features into these so-called smart TVs, like microphones to listen to you, and cameras to watch you, etc... But basically the whole idea is that the TV has 'apps' - and you can do all sorts of the things on a TV that are above and beyond just using it to play video sources now that you have apps. Obviously this would be perfect. Since the cameras are IP cameras, I don't need to run any kind of video signal wire anywhere, just grab it from the nearest network connection (the whole point to having an extensive prewire!) then, I'll just find some sort of IP camera viewing app for the smart TV, and figure out later how to activate it. Maybe I'll have to fake a remote button press, but if I'm lucky, maybe someone has a plugin or something that can control the TV through IP.

So here's the thing about smart TVs: The apps suck. There was not ONE kind of IP camera viewing app available. I mean, It's a giant video screen that you've just enabled with apps. What kind of apps did you think they would have if not a basic IP camera viewer? I'll tell you. About 3 weather apps, and 132 different ways to stream media. There's the obvious ones, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and then a giant list of streaming services I've never heard of. It's ridiculous. I went to Samsung's website to see if there was one available that I couldn't find just browsing and searching on the TV. Nope. There was one that sounded like (by its description) it might possibly play an IP source... but it was available for a different TV (not mine). So somehow, even though my TV had all of the requisite parts (a screen and internet connection, and some sort of processor to run apps) it was not able to run the apps that were for a different set of Samsung TVs. It's probably for the best anyway, since booting up the smart TV and loading any of the apps is surprisingly slow. So nothing smart about it. Basically it's an AppleTV that's way slower and clunkier and harder to use. Why would anyone EVER use this?

So smart TV is not the solution. How then do I view an IP Camera on video? Clearly someone on the internet MUST sell a configurable box with a network port and HDMI out. I cannot be the first person to want something like this. Well, it turns out that they are remarkably hard to find - at least for a reasonable price. They seem to be relatively common if you're willing to spend a few hundred dollars (I'm not). I did find this Grandstream one that was about $95, but it still seemed a bit pricey for what I wanted to do - plus it looked like it only decoded SD video. (I really only needed SD video, but my cameras were HD, and if it couldn't decode it, that was going to be an issue).

If you own an Android smartphone and want to enjoy the benefits of mobile security camera monitoring, you’ve come to the right place. Many of today’s most trusted manufacturers of IP security cameras, NVRs, and video management software offer Android IP camera apps for safe and reliable monitoring. VideoSurveillance.com has provided a list of Android security camera apps offered by manufacturers, and the high-end features available on each.


Optica, a leading manufacturer of high-definition IP cameras, offers OpticaMobile and OpticaMobile HD mobile apps designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. OpticaMobile delivers a wide spectrum of features to improve the viewing experience for all Optica IP cameras, including quad-view mode, live video streams, bookmarking, audio, snapshots, dual stream support, and PTZ control of Optica’s P218Z speed dome. It’s an easy and convenient way to tap into your Optica IP camera system while on the go. OpticaMobile HD is built for use on the iPad, while OpticaMobile is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


Created by Milestone, one of world’s leading developers of video management software, the XProtect Mobile Android security app offers a bevy of features catered to on-the-go surveillance users. With an average rating of 4.6, with 5 being the highest score, users have raved about its built-in features and usability. What’s great about this video surveillance app is how many cameras you’re able to view and manage at once. Users were most excited about the number of cameras they can monitor on this app – one even wrote that the app was able to support all 38 of the user’s IP cameras. Key features include video push, control of inputs and outputs, control of PTZ cameras, viewing live video feed from numerous remote security cameras, snapshot sharing to send via email or MMS, and compatibility with WiFi, 3G, and 4G networks.


Smartvue has remained on the cutting-edge of NVR technology since its inception. Recognized as an innovator in this market, Smartvue offers complimentary remote video surveillance access to its NVRs so you can check your IP cameras while on-the-go. Designed for Android versions 2.2 and up, the Smartvue Android App gives you complete access to your IP camera system when you’re physically off-site. With the Smartvue Android App installed, you can view your live video feed, playback archived recordings, swipe the screen to change cameras, control display settings as needed, monitor multiple cameras at once, and control PTZ functions. It also works with a wide variety of IP camera brands and body styles. Users have given this video surveillance app excellent ratings for its convenience, ease-of-use, and intuitively designed interface.


This Android IP camera viewer app offered by Vivotek enables surveillance users to monitor live streaming video from all of their IP cameras, or those that are managed by Vivotek’s video management software for up to 360 seconds at a time. Note that this app currently works only with Android V2.3 and higher. Supporting IP cameras from a multitude of server connections, this app allows PTZ control via the touch screen, real-time video switching for different display options, image snapshots, single-channel playback by search, and the ability to playback recorded video for 1, 2, 5, and 10 minute intervals Additionally, you can configure your app to support fisheye camera views.



Offered by NVR manufacturer QNAP, the VMobile Android App facilitates remote and wireless monitoring of IP cameras by connecting to the company’s VioStar NVR through Android versions v1.6, v2.1, and v2.2. VMobile is able to manage an unlimited number of servers and cameras for a wide variety of IP camera brands and body styles. With this app, you’re able to adjust the display mode, control PTZ, receive notifications if your IP camera detects tampering or vandalism, and capture snapshots that you want to save. You’re also able to playback recorded video from each of your IP cameras and search recorded video based on date and time.


Ip Camera Viewer Samsung Smart Tv Software

Android IP Camera App Name: MobileFocus & MobileFocusPlus

Ip Camera Viewer Samsung Smart Tv App

Through the MobileFocus Android security camera app, you can connect to Everfocus DVRs and IP cameras at the touch of a button. Everfocus is one of the leading manufacturers of CCTV cameras, DVRs, and professional security products, including a select line of IP cameras catered to the ever-growing IP surveillance market. The mobile monitoring app’s easiest functions are viewing your cameras in real-time and controlling PTZ remote security camera models. Auxiliary mobile monitoring technologies include device management, channel control, gesture digital zoom, image snapshots, and full screen mode.