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Fedez and Homyatol have been banned from Twitch. But what happened? 'Sin! Unless you have a time machine, this content is not available, ”you might read by looking for their profiles on the purple platform. The ban, reported by StreamerBans, has left Twitch users in shock. To explain what happened, the cause behind the Twitch ban by the rapper and Andrea Hakimi, Panetty thought about it.

LINK PER VOTARE: Twitch Homyatol: by Ryze: https://youtube.com/c/xRyzeProduction. Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers. Watch Food & Drink channels streaming live on Twitch. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Food & Drink streamers!

It was clearly, indeed perhaps, banned because Federico showed the c * o from LOL, LMAO (which would be modified LOL, the format of Prime Video), we all knew it could happen. So Federico and Andrea, for the same reason… It's logical.

Panetty's words were also confirmed by some tweets that began to circulate on the Twitch ban of the two streamers. Obviously the campaign has already started for the urban of the two, especially for that of Homyatol, which is certainly not new to the temporary measure.

Supporters of #FreeHomy and #FreeZedef will they be satisfied? Will Fedez and Homyatol be back on Twitch soon? In the meantime, the image of the profile of the 'zedef' channel, connected to the ban, can only make you smile: never before has the screen of Federico crying in despair been accurate!

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Homyatol Twitch

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