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Quesada posted the sketch with the caption 'For your amusement, Harley Quinn,' and we're hoping he continues to make his way through Batman's villain lineup since he's already taken on Catwoman. Harley Quinn Character - Download Free 3D model by bluoppVR (@bluoppVR) 1688ae1. The Harley Quinn Sketch PS4 Slim Bundle Skin is a high quality console decal printed in a bold matte finish. The Harley Quinn Sketch PS4 Slim Bundle Skin is carefully engineered to perfectly fit your PS4 Slim Bundle so you can be assured it won't interfere with any buttons or sensors. Harley Quinn is a imaginary character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, and initial appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in Sept 1992.

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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

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Harley Quinn Sketch

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Harley Quinn is one of the fictional characters with more fans around the world. DC character, and one of the many antagonists of Batman, Harleen French Quinzel, a psychiatrist and psychologist influenced by the Joker, has a certain level of admiration among people, so much so that they make her worthy of this incredible Harley Quinn fan art.

The conception of Harley Quinn is thanks to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Her appearance and name are a counterpart of the Joker, Batman’s main villain, which won her the first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. However, she did not get to DC comics until sometime later in The Batman Adventures.

As has happened with many heroes and villains during the last decade, her recent fame is thanks to Live Action films. In the case of Harley Quinn, this was Suicide Squad in 2016, where Margot Robbie played as the famous villain. However, her career with the character only started there, since she will re-personify her in 2020.

The birth of Harley Quinn

Born on July 20, 1990, Harleen French Quinzel was a model student in every way, reaching great academic and sports achievements. After graduating from high school, she went on to obtain a university degree to practice in the psychology field.

We can see in some Harley Quinn fan art the archetype of the student who little by little came to madness. Her work history begins as an internal psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum thanks to her excellent thesis. The place is dedicated to the treatment and investigation of patients with psychiatric problems.

However, her life changed the moment a lunatic prisoner arrived at the asylum: the Joker. Harleen thought he was a fascinating person.

And, after much prodding, she managed to study him closely.
But the influence of the Joker was very strong, which ended up corrupting the doctor. She fell in love with the villain and convinced her to help him escape from the asylum. Subsequently, the authorities learned of what happened.

In this way, the one who was once a prodigy student became Harley Quinn, being stripped of her medical license and confining her in her own cell for her crimes. Although she managed to escape from her cell, it was not thanks to the Joker, but an earthquake that compromised the structure of the prison.

The name of Harley Quinn was an idea of the Joker to match with his name. He gave her a disguise of black and red as if she were a harlequin, and since her escape, she has been the faithful minion of the Joker.

Harley’s appearance

The harlequin design, as we can see in the first appearance she had in Batman: The Animated Series is a little different from the current one. In these Harley Quinn sketches, we see how at the beginning her design was shaped by a black mask with a domino design, white facial makeup and a single piece dress with a hood.

A curiosity is that, unlike the Joker, Harley can be seen as a normal person, since her skin is not eternally white, but makeup to have the appearance of a clown. In fact, she is often seen again as Dr. Harleen, dressed with glasses, skirt, heels and lab coat. Other outstanding physical characteristics are blonde hair and blue eyes.

Harley Quinn is a multifaceted character who has appeared in numerous DC works, even in conjunction with the heroines.

Harley has two new outfits in the Suicide Squad’s comics, where she appears since the #1 of the fifth volume (2016). The first set consists of a short with red and blue colors, a white shirt, a small jacket, gloves, mesh stockings, and boots.

The other style has been adapted to be similar to that of the film, so it has a blonde hair with blue and pink pigtails, multiple tattoos, and a punk dress complemented by straps and tight garments.

Although during the film of Suicide Squad, Harley had different appearances, the most remarkable (and with which she spent more time), was in which she used the shirt that said “Daddy Lil Monster “. Although, not everyone liked this gangster aspect, and we can see in some Harley Quinn fan art how a darker aspect would have been awesome.

Harley Quinn’s power and abilities

At the level of extraordinary powers, Harley Quinn does not have a wide range of options. The psychopath is able to endure various types of toxins thanks to its relationship with Poison Ivy, which allows her to handle the toxic gases of the Joker. Additionally, it is capable of rapidly regenerating minor wounds. Although the list is not very large, Harley stands out greatly in her physical condition.

The numerous Harley Quinn fan arts, as well as the designs and official stories, have shown us that she is a born sportswoman, who maintains a great physical condition despite her age. In the relationship, the Joker is more the brain, while she is the brute force.

She also shows very often her acrobatic skill learned from gymnastics. It is common that during combats or action scenes, Harley performs dangerous maneuvers in her environment, simulating, as an example, her skill with parallel bars and other sports equipment.

The combination of these two qualities has made her an expert in hand-to-hand combat. With the use of a baseball bat as her favorite weapon, Harley has managed to defeat multiple opponents on her own. Before being arrested and imprisoned in a maximum-security cell, she manages to shoot down 5 Belle Reve guards.

Finally, although it is not her main strength, Harley can also defend herself as a shooter. Her abilities are not as remarkable as those of Deadshot, but she is able to do headshots with some frequency.

Harley Quinn’s relationships

The Joker

Image source: Jason MartinThe main cause of character madness. The Joker has a complicated relationship with Harley: there are moments where it is simply a tool to achieve his plans, and there are others where romance and camaraderie are seen.

However, this does not eliminate the abusive treatment he has with her. Despite being the only intimate person with Batman’s enemy, he finds himself repeatedly questioning their relationship, even trying to assassinate her several times.

In addition, in the comics, you can see scenes of violent sex between the “couple”. That has not prevented there being many Harley Quinn and Joker drawings.

Gotham City Sirens – A dangerous trio

In this Harley Quinn fan art, we can see the moment when the villain made a crossover with Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the group called Gotham City Sirens.

This curious meeting arises when Harley moves in with Poison Ivy to The Riddler’s house. Later, Catwoman arrives and they end up living together.

This somewhat strange team seeks to create a positive reinforcement between them. And of course, Harley and Ivy also want to know the identity of the original Batman, a fact that is requested to Catwoman to form the team.

The cinematic jump in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was a film that generated great expectation in the audience. This was a continuation of the DC Extended Universe that came from a successful Batman vs. Superman.

Much of the propaganda focused on the new appearance of previously known characters, and in the presence of others such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn. They released many pictures of Harley Quinn and Joker, and it is no wonder considering the visual changes they made.

Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

The film that promised a dark theme, in the end, did not exceed the standard criticism, which, while not bad, did not come as a surprise.

However, that does not mean that I did not have really memorable scenes. An example of them is when Harley jumped in a chemical bath, and the Joker followed her. While we wanted to see something more romantic, like the Joker taking Harley out of danger, it worked very well to show the strange psychopathic relationship they have.

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