Gns3 On Esxi

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00:00 – Intro00:37 – Configuring ESXi 6.5 Network vSwitch03:20 – Home lab switchport config for ESXi Server07:00 – Continuing ESXi 6.5 Network vSwitch config.

  • In this one I configured another GNS3 platform with 3 routers, two L3 switches and nodes on opposite sides (Site A, Site B). Once of the node icons was a W2K8 server I configured in VmWare and bridged into the GNS3 environment; from there, I created a file in a shared directory and showed how to access it across the vpn tunnel.
  • If you decide to use the GNS3 VM (recommended), you can either run the GNS3 VM locally on your PC using virtualization software such as VMware Workstation, Virtualbox or Hyper-V; or you can run the GNS3 VM remotely on a server using VMware ESXi or even in the cloud.

Sorry, don't know what gns3 is - but I do see that it is an OVA so you're importing it and starting up.

Gns3 ova download

Install Gns3 On Esxi 5.5


Gns3 On Esxi 6.7

Have you confirmed this version of the OVA is something that ESXi 6.0 understands and supports? In terms of 'vmware version', [on the summary tab in vsphere client] ESXi 6.0 is 11, so a value higher is in the future to relative to ESXi 6.0. Smaller or equal values are fine. Though I am sure at a very low value, it would be too old.

Same question about vmware tools version on that virtual mache? Is the version it is running within the range that ESXi can support?

Gns3 On Esxi

The other details you describe strike me as standard networking port being visible on both sides- inside the vm and to vmware or the network.

Gns3 On Esxi Configuration

After that I'd ssh into the esxi and start looking at logs for complaints about the vm. That can be hard to digetst because the logs tend to be very verbose.