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Francesco Cavalli Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Francesco Cavalli hailed as an organ player and composer. He adopted the name, Cavalli from his promising benefactor. He rose to fame for his classical operas, especially when he was ordered to avail his talent at Louis XIV wedding.

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Cavalli, Francesco

Francesco Cavalli La Didone

(real name, Pietro Francesco Caletti). Born Feb. 14, 1602, in Crema; died Jan. 14, 1676, in Venice. Italian composer. Son and pupil of a cathedral choirmaster in Crema.

Cavalli completed his musical education in Venice, where he lived from 1616. In 1617 he became a singer (tenor), at St. Mark’s Basilica, and then its organist and conductor. He wrote church music (notably his Requiem), but basically he composed operas and was a leading master of the Venetian school. He wrote 42 operas, including The Marriage of Teti and Peleo (1639), Didone (1641), Jason (1649), Xerxes (1654), and Mutio Scevola (1665). Almost all his operas were commissioned by Venetian theaters.


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  1. Claudio Monteverdi was already a musical master in the 16th century, but he and student Francesco Cavalli also created musical wonders in the 17th century with ravishing works for the cathedral, the court, and the opera. For our final concert of the 2019-2020 season, we will focus on splendid pieces for soloists, duets, and small ensembles from.
  2. During the summer of 2016 Francesco Cavalli became the new Director of Scouting and developed the service during his three years span until he signed with Washington Wizards. Nowadays Albert Robledillo is the Director of Scouting.
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