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What is VSM News? Myth perfectly imitating Ben Shapiro's WAP is the streamer at his best

Ferociouslysteph Removed From Council

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation.FerociouslySteph, in particular, sparked a backlash by many online due to her association with On May 14th, 2020, following the announcement, FerociouslySteph further added discourse to the controversy during a livestream on TwitchSeveral other Twitch streamers then joined in on the debate to voice their opinions on the controversy. Favorite games include Destiny 2, Kingdom Hearts, Super Metroid, and Prey...but mostly Prey. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution.

FerociouslySteph reviewed CounterStrike. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Original Poster 11 months ago. I know someone already commented, but looking at.

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She's living for that persona right now.All of this attention, some of it support – most of it harassment – is driving a ton of traffic to Steph's channel.

  • Apr 22, 2021 “I absolutely believe you're doing enough. There is no you that exists in the past or present that's more productive, our best is the limit we found. Everyone I've ever met is trying their best every day to do the living thing. Good job keeping the combo running.
  • It was also noted that FerociouslySteph is a furry, and had broadcast some fairly intimate animal roleplay on her stream. This was viewed by many as weird, and not the sort of content that Twitch should be promoting.

But, as it often is with the streaming community, nothing can go without drama.Controversy immediately sparked following the announcement, and it was about FerociouslySteph, one of the Backlash immediately followed and many members of the community spoke out and voiced their disagreement with her being a member of Twitch Safety Advisory Council, point out at her inadequate demeanour and unrepresentative actions.

She titles her stream (Troll warning) and thanks angry gamers for all the attention:'You can't get rid of me, Twitch is endorsing me, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Warzone is flooded with cheaters and players can't handle it any more Whether you think she's cringey or not, no one deserves to be harassed.

The former Twitch turned YouTube streamer opened up about the impact of what it felt like to have his livelihood jeopardised. Kitboga, a streamer who is popularising scambaiting on Twitch, was recognised and called out by a scammer in a rare turn of events. In fact, she's doing her level best to fuel it, and everyone feeding into it is really showing their ass.FerociouslySteph is a transwoman that identifies as a deer. Is the Twitch Advisory Safety Committee a meaningless organization? Summit gets caught out by troll Black Lives Matter donation

Before the announcement her VODS never broke 100 view total, her last two streams since the announcement has close to 10,000.If you're upset about the things Steph does and says, all you need to do is stop participating in the conversation.

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^_^ ️ Eric loves board games, fan conventions, new technology, and his sweet sweet kitties Bruce and Babs. Alinity shares pet chicken story that will make you cringe xQc forced to delete DMs after Twitter account hacked Here are all the 'announcements' made. In an emotional post, Dakotaz opened up to his fans on Twitter about some of the personal issues he’s been facing, and how he’s managed to overcome them. In a heated battle between two of YouTube’s most well-known streamers, the King of Youtube crushes the Two-Time Champion in a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout grudge match. Favorite games include Destiny 2, Kingdom Hearts, Super Metroid, and Prey...but mostly Prey. She believes In short, FerouciouslySteph is a non-cis furry that actively wants to tear down the established systems in the gaming community that historically benefit white men.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers 'Harassment directed at council members or anyone at or on Twitch only underscores the importance of the council. His favorite Pokémon is Umbreon. Dr Disrespect's YouTube stream labeled as kid-friendly prompting outrage from fans who want to use chat They can’t take it away from me,” FerociouslySteph said. 'FerciouslySteph further explains that she is currently not even sure how will everything go and that, right now, she can only say that something is a 'bad idea' and it's on Twitch if they will listen her or not.Twitch Safety Advisory Council is still a new thing, and they have yet to make their first moves and decisions, so we will have to wait and see how will everyone adapt to this new situation and if FerciouslySteph will stay there or be replaced. Her voice on the council is 1 of 8 and she represents a very real group of viewers and streamers on Twitch. His favorite Pokémon is Umbreon. Of course, Steph has some pretty divisive opinions as well. Dr Disrespect's first YouTube stream since his Twitch ban featured the fictitious VSM news station. Look beyond the trending clips and you'll see Steph dancing around celebrating how much attention she's getting and how angry people are getting.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Dakotaz opens up about his personal issues and celebrates his sobriety Dr Disrespect takes to YouTube for first stream since ban 'What effect or influence the council ends up having will likely never be directly understood by the community, but it's clear that so far it's done more harm than good.

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Shroud didn't get much attention when playing Valorant on Mixer, but now everyone wants to play with him on Twitch. Comment.

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There has been a lot of talk about Twitch's new Saftey Advisory Council, since its release into the world last week. The new eight-person panel was created by Twitch to help promote and keep a healthy Twitch community. But the decision has been met with tons of backlash.


So why are so many gamers upset about the panel? Well, that has to do with one of the members and streamer FerociouslySteph. Who after the panel was announced started receiving a ton of hate and backlash, leaned into the triggering, and added more flame to the fire.

Keem Star was one of the first people to post about the new appointee on Twitter saying, 'Is this going to start GamerGate 2', (or something along those lines). And soon, well things took on a life of their own.

Though it's pretty obvious that most people never read the Twitch blog, we think it's important, to you know, get first-hand information. And nowhere in the announcement does it say people on the panel can do whatever they please with impunity.

The panel members are simply advisers, not employees, not ban hammer-wielding power-hunger tyrants. And sure, Steph went on stream after the announcement and started triggered people by saying, 'I have the power', yeah to test new products.

Twitch really need to put a end to this! It really is going to cause something like a Gamer Gate. I really believe this! pic.twitter.com/Q9XvhU10Hl

— KEEM (@KEEMSTAR) May 18, 2020

So to make it abundantly clear, FerociouslySteph isn't going to erase in-game chats, nor is she going to report all straight white men to the gaming FBI, nor is she going to force you to watch a 12-hour sissy hypo videos.

She is one of eight people to be appointed as a Safety Advisor, and well, the gaming communities' reaction to her appointment is proof enough that it was the right decision. Because FFS, you really think Twitch is trying to brain control all you into transitioning?

And from the mouth of the dude who got this whole ball rolling is the real cherry on top. I mean, do you need any more proof that this isn't about gaming but gamers feeling some type of way, (particularly Keem) about a person, who yes - identifies as a deer.

My favorite line is 'used games as a platform to cause social change in our culture' amazing! Because no gamer has ever been gay or trans without first learning about these things in Twitch, or gaming blogs.


Deer girl (FerociouslySteph) thinks its necessary to take away voice chat in video games pic.twitter.com/fX3i689exL

— Opti (@optiuh) May 16, 2020

Hot take, but the weird deer RPing and the retarded competitive gaming arguments that the latest member of twitch staff engages with is less concerning than the fact that a person hired to 'promote healthy streaming habits' accuses detractors of being white supremacists. pic.twitter.com/8eMRr3wR4h

Ferociouslysteph Instagram

— Flamenco: Ally of Justice (@Flamencotrr) May 17, 2020

the problem isn't that you're:
- trans
- a girl
- roleplay as a deer
it's the fact that you're:
- flaunting your 'power'
- saying 'people should be afraid of you',
- reassuring that twitch 'fully endorses you'.
you're showing signs of someone who could abuse their power. pic.twitter.com/kOO7k76Kqn


— liffeh (@liffeh02) May 18, 2020


Ferociouslysteph Twitter

Turns out the Twitch Ambassador who wants to ban voice chat eats grass because they think they're a deer. pic.twitter.com/kfQ4QgzrvF

Ferociouslysteph Cup Size

— 『Ryuuko Matoi』@Kamen Rider Ex Aid (@Smug_Legend) May 16, 2020