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Marketers stand a chance to greatly benefit from Drupal new release than any other segment as it features so much of the needed functionality. To generate and nurture their current potential customers, marketers simply need to leverage the strongest, most important marketing tool that Drupal has risen to become with its newest release.

Drupal 8 Quick Edit Not Showing

To integrate with in-place field editing when a non-standard render pipeline is used (FieldItemListInterface::view is not sufficient to render back the field following in-place editing in the exact way it was displayed originally), implement this hook. Edit module integrates with HTML elements with data-edit-field-id attributes. Proceed by clicking on Edit. Tweak the page according to your need and click on Save on the bottom. To edit the block, you will need to click on the pencil icon on the block’s top right and then click on Quick edit. Make relevant changes to the block’s body and in the end, click on Save.

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Here is one great news for large and small marketing teams; Drupal 8 has addressed the issue of always returning back to WYSIWYG to fix common typo errors integrating an on-page editor, as well as a new easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that is perfectly enhanced with the ability to display how images will respond on tablet and mobile thereby presenting a significant reduction from the time of conception to publishing content, as it presents you and your team with a highly simplified interface to add, edit and remove content.

Drupal Quick Edit

These new features in Drupal’s newest release provides all of your content creators with a much more uniformed and harmonious experience. Unarguably, facing the biggest challenge in marketing cannot be as daunting as it used to be in the past with these tools, as it allows you to focus on creating a customised digital experience and marketing strategy for all segments of your audience including the type of device, language, and geography.