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The Layout Builder module for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 provides a layout user interface (UI), a set of flexible visual design tools that allows content creators and site administrators to customize the layout of a page via a powerful drag-and-drop UI. You can use Layout Builder to customize the layout of a single page, create a custom layout for all content of a certain type, or build landing. We'd like to see Pantheon contribute more code to Drupal. Pantheon has raised over $100m in venture funding and is the 2nd largest tech company in the Drupal ecosystem behind Acquia, yet they haven’t been in the top 30 of Drupal code contributors for the past three years. Pantheon is a web development hosting platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress websites. It is an app-specific PaaS provider, sold on a monthly subscription basis, with several support tiers available. Lando provides a snazzy integration that.

Welcome to Drupal 9, the most innovative yet most straightforward upgrade in Drupal’s history. Our tutorials and guides are ready with the 8.9.x / 9.0.x badge. Learn more about Drupal 9 in our latest video.



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We’re ready to teach you everything you need to know about the Drupal 9 content management system today. Look for the 8.9.x / 9.0.x badge.


We’ve updated for every release of Drupal 8 and we’re doing the same for Drupal 9. You can search and filter all our Drupal 9 content within these search results. We've kept Drupalize.Me content current by tracking changes to Drupal, evolving our best practices, and removing deprecated code. Our tutorials are the most up-to-date Drupal content available.

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“The big deal about Drupal 9 is … that it should not be a big deal”.
Dries Buytaert, Drupal project founder

Drupal 9 marks an important milestone in the evolution of the Drupal project. Say goodbye to complicated migrations! Upgrading to Drupal 9 is radically easier than any previous major version upgrade.


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The community has worked hard to make Drupal upgrades easy forever. Drupal 9 would not be possible without the vision, commitment, and hard work of all the project contributors. We recognize that contributions come in many different forms. And that building Drupal is truly a community effort.

Take your enthusiasm for Drupal to the next level by supporting the Drupal Association. They do big things for the Drupal community on a small budget.

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