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1. Amazon S3 bucket

  • My website is built using Drupal 7 and uses s3fs modules for storing all files and images, I use i18n to translate my website from source language English to french, german, and more. I use domain as.
  • If you have no drush, you can install the S3FS module manually and go to GitHub to download the AWSSDK for PHP library and place it under /sites/all/libraries/awssdk2. Remember to choose the right version, which is written on the /sites/all/modules/s3fs/s3fs.make file. On Drupal 8, please use composer to install this module.


2. Composer- Composer installs S3 module dependencies such as AWS SDK


Change 70% +1 +7 +9 +8 My SES manager gives their time to identify and develop talented people 56% -4 +8 +9 My SES manager clearly articulates the direction and priorities for our area 73% +2 +7 +10 +8 My SES manager promotes cooperation within and between agencies 77%-+13 +15 +10 KEY AT LEAST 5 PERCENTAGE POINTS GREATER THAN COMPARATOR. May 19, 2020 Setting up Drupal 8 s3fs module with DigitalOcean Spaces instead of s3 I’m attemtping to have digitalocean replace Amazon for file system storage with Drupal 8 using hte s3fs module. Here is a tutorial for S3 setup with Drupal Some settings that are required are.

3. S3FS Module: Drupal module is required for getting connected to the Amazon S3 bucket.

4. Drush


1. On the terminal, go to the project root folder and execute the following commands:

drush dl s3fs

2. Run the below composer command


composer config repositories.drupal composer https://packages.drupal.org/8 && composer require drupal/s3fs

3. drush en s3fs


4. Goto /admin/config/media/file-system and set the “Default download method” checkbox to “Amazon Simple Storage Service”.

Drupal 8 S3fs Crack

5: Add the type File and Image fields in any content type and set the “Upload destination” to “S3 File System” in the “Field Settings” tab.

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6: Configure your S3FS module settings for S3 File System. Add your S3 bucket name at /admin/config/media/s3fs. You can Enter your AWS credentials.

A- Amazon Web Services Access Key

B- Amazon Web Services Secret Key

C- S3 Bucket Name

File Upload:-

After installation, upload your first file by using a node creation form. If you are not able to see the uploaded file, it is because your bucket is not yet public. Please go to your bucket, select the s3fs-public folder and then further go to actions and change the status to Public.

Drupal 8 S3fs Free


If files exist in some another folder inside the root of S3 Bucket, you can enter the folder name in “Public Folder” and “Private Folder” text fields in additional folder setting.

Hope this article gave you a good understanding of S3 File System (Amazon S3) requirements and installation.

In two previous blog posts I talked about running Drupal 7 on AWS:

  • Running Drupal 7 on AWS - part 1: The How & Why
  • Running Drupal 7 on AWS - part 2: The CloudFormation stack

Since writing part 2 of this topic AWS has finally released Elastic File System (EFS), so I had to write an update for the stack that uses EFS instead of S3.

Elastic File System (EFS)

EFS is a shared nfs filesystem you can attach to one or more EC2 instances. While we can store our user uploaded content in S3 using the Drupal s3fs module, getting the css and js aggregation cache to work over multiple servers was still an issue with S3.

If we use EFS instead of S3, and share the sites/default/files directory over every EC2 instance, we remove that problem.

The source code for this stack is on Github:

  • drupal7-efs.json: A very minimal Drupal 7 stack setup
  • drupal7-efs-realistic: A more realistic Drupal 7 site with a lot of contrib modules. This also uses a Docker hub container image instead of building an image in the Launch Configuration.

Drupal 8 S3fs Download

I will continue to work on the second one, so you probably want to take that stack.

Drupal 8 S3fs Require Aws Library

A short note about this stack and Docker

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While this stack uses Docker it is not a complete container management system like ECS is intended to be. Rolling out a new version of a Docker image with this stack is pretty much a manual job: you scale the Auto Scaling Group down to 0 nodes, then scale it up again to the required number. All the new instances that get created that way will have the new version of your Docker image. (or you can scale it up to double the normal size and then scale down again to remove the old instances).