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Find a more detailed illustrated instruction with examples here: Installation CKEditor plugins in Drupal 8

Bootstrap Barrio

JS+ CKEditor plugins themselves can be installed to any CMS or framework you want. But for Drupal 8 all the add-ons need to be wrapped with the Drupal compatible module.

Drupal 8 version of the module does not depend on libraries module. This module loads via libraries, regardless of the theme you are using. It does nothing else. When using Bootstrap themes is particularly helpful to. 7.x-3.x; 8.x-3.x (active tab); The official documentation site for the Drupal Bootstrap base theme. The majority of this site is automatically generated from source files located through out the project's repository.

Drupal 8 bootstrap layout builder

We've prepared such modules. They will help you manage JS+ CKEditor add-ons inside CKEditor: to add/remove new plugins buttons to the toolbar and change all the options using UI in the administrator panel.

Drupal 8 bootstrap subtheme

Drupal 8 Bootstrap Photo Controls

  1. Drupal 8 Bootstrap comes loaded with two “starterkit” themes for you to create a child or subtheme with. You can find them in drupalroot/themes/bootstrap/starterkits. For this, you’ll want to copy the less theme and paste it directly into the themes folder at drupalroot/themes.
  2. The Drupal Bootstrap base theme bridges the gap between Drupal and Bootstrap framework. Drupal 8 being relatively new, has very little documentation available to use Bootstrap, which now has a stable release for Drupal 8. To spare you some frustration and as a source of resource for our staff, I've arranged an orderly guide for making your own.
  3. For Drupal 7 there was drupalbootstrap to load the required Drupal dependencies. However, after a long search all I found for Drupal 8 was a note that drupalbootstrap is deprecated for Drupal 8. And indeed, I get a Call to undefined function drupalbootstrap.

If you are on the purchase step, please choose CKEditor edition of the add-ons. Drupal modules are available on this page for free and will work fine in pair with CKEditor plugins.

Drupal 8 Bootstrap Modal

  1. Download and install Drupal 8 modules:
      Modules can be installed and enabled in AdministrationExtend section.
  2. Copy following CKEditor/TinyMCE add-ons (not Drupal 8 modules) into the libraries folder (create the folder if it doesn't exist):
    jsplusBootstrapInclude, jsplusBootstrapEditor, jsplusFileUploaderLite
    If this folder does not exist in the root of your Drupal installation, create it.
  3. In order to use our Bootstrap Editor skin in CKEditor, copy be directory into core/assets/vendor/ckeditor/skins.
  4. Go to AdministrationConfigurationText formats and editors and build the toolbar with new buttons.
  5. Uncheck the 'Limit allowed HTML tags and correct faulty HTML' checkbox. Or create your own list of permitted tags below to satisfy all plugins you use.