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Drudesk is the latest offshoot of the phenomenally successful Internetdevels and our role within this family is to look after Drupal websites. We specialise in giving our clients the support they need to ensure that things are running as they should be and that performance levels are peaking to the levels they should be.

If you remember, InternetDevels are one of the best known and most reliable Drupal development shops around. With a global presence and hundreds of clients, they know what they are doing. But everyone needs a little support from time to time and so they had a baby – us!

Our Dedicated Support team provides you fast help with your Drupal site.
We will help with tasks, bug fixes, admin questions, server environment and other issues just submit a request!

  1. Drudesk is a global Drupal website support agency. Established on April 6, 2015, Drudesk has risen to be an affiliated company with hundreds of websites rescued and supported. Happy customers from Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom are the proof of our credibility and high-level services. Our Services: - Drupal core updates; - Drupal.
  2. WishDesk is a web development company of 120+ experienced Drupal and WordPress experts.

What’s Drudesk about? A wealth of experience. Burning passion – not just to match, but to exceed clients’ expectations. To our clients, we are their committed partners, and each one trusts us implicitly to get their job done. Drudesk Jun 2015 - Jul 2017 2 years 2 months. Lutsk, Ukraine Drupal Developer InternetDevels Feb 2011 - Jul 2017 6 years 6 months. Lutsk, Ukraine Teacher OxIT May 2015 - Oct 2015 6 months. Lutsk, Ukraine OxIT is self project for learn students HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and create sites via Drupal.


How to submit a request and respond to a comment in the request

You need to go here https://service.drudesk.com/ and in the top right corner, you'll see the 'Submit a request' link.

This link will lead you to a new page with a form where:

- Your email address field is required to filling so that you will receive an email notification to this email address. Note: This field is available only for anonymous users;
- CC field allows entering all required emails of people who might be interested in this request. Note: This field is available only for logged in users;
- Subject field is to define a short title of a request;
- Description field is to explain the details of a request;
- Attachments field allows adding screenshots of some other files that might be required to provide a more detailed explanation of what has been described in the Description field. Note that the maximum file size is 25 MB so that if you would like to attach more than 25 MB files we offer to use Google Drive or Dropbox cloud services to upload there your files and just provide a direct link to these files in the Description field.

After submission of the form, you'll receive email notification of this action as well while you are requesting a task via email.

Respond to comment in the request.

Each time when a customer service manager or other people which are added as CC to the request are posting a comment you'll receive an email notification about this update. There are 2 ways to respond as well as to create a request.

Respond to a comment via email.

This is the simplest way to respond to the requested ticket. If you received an email notification of an update to the ticket you'll need just to reply to this email notification as you're doing this every time when you reply to each of your email conversations with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Everyone who is related to this ticket will receive an email notification with an update that consists of your comment.

The same thing is with replying to the first email notification about a successful submission of a ticket. If you just submitted a request and forgot to add some more details you can just open that email notification of a successful submission and reply to it.

Respond to comment on the website.

Everyone who receives email notifications about the successful submission of a request or an update to a request that has been already created can access a WEB version of a request.

You can find a link to a WEB version of the request in an email notification. A link label is a request number with a format like #XXXX. You need to click this link and you'll be redirected to a web page of the request. If you are not logged in the system will ask you to do this. If you don't know your password you can use the 'Reset password' option here https://service.drudesk.com/user/password

If you are logged in you'll be redirected to a request page where you'll be able to read all comments and your own reply like you are replying to an email notification.

Note: if you've received an email notification it means that your email address is registered in the system. If you're not receiving an email notification from the system it means that your email was not registered in the system and you need to create your own account.


If you have any questions that may be related to this topic please contact us: [email protected]

We'd like to be transparent as much as it is possible and we want to share our typical workflow of a work under each request and an important information of the payment schemes.



Here is a list of steps that may be used mostly for all requests:

1) Request submission. The request can be created by a client or by a customer service manager as well. Usually, a client creates a request by himself and there are two available ways how a request can be submitted. More information you can find in this article;

2) Customer service manager confirms* that a request has been received and if there are no questions your request will be assigned to a technical team for review. If there are questions customer service manager will let you know by adding a comment to a request. In case if there is needed some additional information you'll receive an email notification about it. How to respond to a comment you will find out in this article;

3) Estimation. If all details have been clarified, customer service manager will provide you with an estimate/quote of the implementation for your request. Usually, it takes from 1 to 2 business days to prepare an estimate if all details are known;

4) Timeline. If a customer service manager has already provided an estimate/quote, you'll also know an approximate time-frame when to expect an implemented requirements according to the request on DEV** environment;

5) A start of work. We can schedule a task only if we have an approval from the client by adding an appropriate comment to a request;

6) Verification. As soon as a request is ready to review on DEV environment a customer service manager will notify a client by adding an appropriate comment to a request;

7) If a client found that something has been done in a wrong way or a client has any questions - feel free to add a comment to a request;

8) Deployment to Production. We never push our changes to Production without client's verification and confirmation that our changes are verified on DEV** environment and are ready to go Live.

9) Verification by a client. When our changes have been deployed to a Live website a client will be asked to review it and confirm that everything is fine and has been implemented according to a description of a request. If a client does not reply within 31 days after the changes have been deployed to a Live website a request will be closed*** by customer service manager and a request will be considered as completed accordingly to the description of the request.

* Customer service manager contacts a client usually during 2-4 working hours after a request has been created. Business hours our customer service managers are actively working to give a better sense of when to expect a response are from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Kyiv time) from Monday to Friday. If your request was submitted out of working time a customer service manager will contact you next working day in the morning.

** We are ready to provide our own development server to place there a development version of a website for free in case if a client does not have his own development server and only for a period of active development/maintenance.


*** If changes have been delivered to Production (or have been done on DEV or another environment only, or a copy of work hаs been delivered as a file) and a client had not replied to customer service manager in an appropriate ticket in service.drudesk.com for a set period of time we reserve the right to consider that the task was implemented according to requirements. In this situation, the system will mark a ticket as resolved and this will be a reason to invoice a client for a completed work according to a ticket. We provide 31 days after the delivery to review completed ticket and we have a system of pending notifications that should prevent the situation when a client did not know that a ticket is ready for review.



We are flexible and we offer our clients different ways to make a payment. The most common of them are the following:
- by a credit card;
- by PayPal;
- by a bank transfer.
- by money transfer (Western Union)

All the details regarding the payment options you may discuss with a customer service manager.

We practice sending monthly invoices for apprroved work in case if it suits a client's needs. Also, we often divide payments into pre/post payment parts. Otherwise, we're open to cover each task by a separate invoice at any time when a client has requested.

If you have any questions that may be related to this topic please contact us: [email protected]k.com

We know how it's important for our clients to know when to expect our response to their request. That's why we would like to share with you information regarding our regular working schedule and all holidays when everyone in Drudesk has a day off.

Working schedule.


Business hours when our customer service managers are actively working to give customers a better sense of when to expect a response - Monday - Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Kyiv time). We do not work on the weekend usually but this option is available for urgent tasks and it can be discussed separately.

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Also, here is our calendar* where you can see when we have a day off and you can subsribe to this calender to receive email notifications about our upcomming vacations.

Drudesk Ukraine

*A list of holidays and 6-hours working days may be changed. We'll update the calendar if something comes up.

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If you have any questions that may be related to this topic please contact us: [email protected]