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Chateau Montelena is a Napa Valley winery most famous for winning the white wine section of the historic 'Judgment of Paris' wine competition. Chateau Montelena's Chardonnay was in competition with nine other wines from France and California under blind tasting. All 11 judges awarded their top. Hotels near Chateau Montelena, Calistoga on Tripadvisor: Find 19,312 traveler reviews, 9,893 candid photos, and prices for 347 hotels near Chateau Montelena in Calistoga, CA.

Chateau Montelena Winery Review

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Regions: Napa Valley AVA, Calistoga AVA, California

Reviewed: July 3, 2016 by Mark and Sonja
Published: November 2, 2016

You’ve heard of Chateau Montelena. I pen (type) that line with a high degree of confidence because you’re reading this review on a web page devoted to wine, and if you’re at all interested in wine, then you’re familiar with the Napa Valley. And if you’re familiar with the Napa Valley then you’re quite likely to know that it wasn’t until a blind wine tasting in France in 1976 that anyone outside of California cared at all about the wines being made in the United States. And if you’ve heard of that tasting, known today as the “Judgment of Paris,” then it’s also quite likely that you’re aware that it was Chateau Montelena, which of course you’ve heard of, that produced the winning white wine, a Chardonnay, vintage 1973.
Maybe you saw a movie about it, maybe you read an article, or maybe the owner of your favorite little wine bar has simply talked your ear off about this famous moment in time in which the wines of Napa eclipsed even those of France herself, justifying not only your love for them, but also their high prices. But it’s never really that simple, is it? Never really cut-and-dried. The story of Chateau Montelena isn’t the story of Chardonnay at all, and while they continue to make it, and while it remains undeniably an excellent wine from year to year, it is far from a focal point at the winery as it stands today, up-Valley, hidden amongst a small forest of trees near the little town of Calistoga, sandwiched quietly between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail. As you might expect, the full story is far more interesting.
My traveling companion Zach and I had arrived early at Chateau Montelena, a familiar location to me as my wife Sonja and I had visited it on our honeymoon a little over three years prior. In the cool morning air, we crunched through the gravel parking lot and set out upon a narrow, paved walkway that wraps around a tranquil little pond in which turtles were visible and an array of beautiful plants adorned the islands and the banks. The islands were accessible from the mainland by a series of jagged wooden bridges, and atop them rested gazebo-like structures that looked more than a bit out of place for their unmistakable Oriental style of architecture. We found the entire environment altogether peaceful and relaxing.
When the time came for our tasting, at nine o’clock in the morning on a sunny summer Sunday, the small tasting room in the upper part of the Chateau was already beginning to fill. Having made our arrangements to visit ahead of time, we benefited by being ushered into a small private room along with six other guests by Jordan, who would expertly conduct our tasting. Inside, a long wooden table was set with an array of crystal, and one chair for each expected person sat waiting.
“We are a Cab house,” declared Jordan, entirely unprompted. “This is really what we focus on.” One guest looked puzzled but kept his mouth shut. Jordan predicted his question: “Yes, of course, we’re famous for winning the Judgement of Paris in 1976 with our Chardonnay, and you’ll get to taste that soon,” she reassured him. “But let’s start with our Riesling, which I think is also excellent.”
I couldn’t help but be reminded of my honeymoon by the pleasant, crisp white that my wife and I had shared a few years prior. From there, our party enjoyed a few wines from the 2009 vintage, including the famous Chardonnay as well as an estate Zinfandel (which I enjoyed immensely and later purchased a bottle of), before moving on to the Cabernet Sauvignons. Side by side, the unimposing, old-world style Cabs became the perfect pairing for a story session in which Jordan narrated the lengthy history of the Chateau. Founded by a friend of the legendary Charles Krug, a man named Alfred Tubbs who had made his riches producing ropes for ships during the California gold rush had taken the advice of Krug and planted grapes. Prohibition took its toll on this winery as it did most every other, and not knowing if or when the amendment would be repealed, the vines were torn out in favor of orchards of fruit and walnuts. In 1958, the winery was purchased by a couple from Shanghai, who left their mark on the property with the small island structures that Zach and I had noticed on our walk. And then, in the early 1970’s, Jim Barrett purchased the winery, outfitted it with modern winemaking equipment, and replanted the vineyards. Barrett envisioned a world-class Cabernet production facility, but Cabernet requires substantial time – years, to age in oak before it’s drinkable, let alone world-class, so to pay the bills Chateau Montelena committed to producing some quick-turnaround white wines in the meantime. This included Chardonnay. The rest, as they say, is history.
Forty years and a few months after the infamous Judgement of Paris that put not only this winery but the entire Napa Valley on the world’s wine map, it seems that perhaps Chateau Montelena may finally be poised to recognize its destiny as one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon producers in the Valley, if not the world, at last fulfilling the wishes of visionary re-founder Jim Barrett. His son, Bo, now steers the ship, and if the wines I’ve tasted on my two prior visits are any indication, he is indeed a worthy captain.
Chateau Montelena is a special place. You may have seen it featured in a movie, or you may have read about them as the frenzy over the 40th anniversary of the Paris tasting reached a crescendo earlier this spring. But frenzies come and go, and what remains is that which stands the test of time. This never includes people, who are undeniably mortal and never long for the world, but it can certainly include their legacy. At Chateau Montelena, that legacy includes a look into the history of what today is one of the world’s most famous wine-producing regions. It is a story that encompasses the pioneering spirit of the ‘49ers, the rule of law, the meaningful contributions of immigrants, the rebirth of the Napa Valley, and the vision of a man who simply wanted to make great Cabernet, which ultimately he did.
If you’re visiting in the summer months, when the tourists jam Highway 29 with their rental cars and camper trailers, I strongly recommend calling ahead and splurging a bit to arrange a quieter, more intimate experience. But whether something like that is in the budget or not, you won’t fail to enjoy your visit to Chateau Montelena. Be sure to walk the storied grounds and take a stroll around the lake. This, one of the Napa Valley’s oldest establishments, is a winery to be sure you take the time to visit.

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